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I didn't used to go in to baker's shops all that often, apart from on the odd occasion when I fancied my absolute favourite - carrot cake. There's a particular carrot cake, which is sold from a baker's stall in Blackpool, and I swear it's the best in the world!

BakeMark invests in training

Supplier BakeMark UK has launched a new Learning Resource Centre, offering employees training courses in subjects ranging from IT and numeracy to literacy and modern languages.

FPB petitions Chancellor on tax

The Forum of Private Business (FPB) is to petition Chancellor Alistair Darling, to ease the tax burden on small businesses following his announcements in the recent Pre-Budget Report. Changes to capital gains tax, which were designed to target private equity groups, will also hit owners of smaller businesses, it says.

Wheat quality down on last year's level

The Home Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA) has confirmed that the latest results from this year's Cereals Quality Survey suggest the quality of wheat has dropped compared to last year.

Tesco adopts 'Jedi' approach to training

Scratch baking will play a more important role at Tesco's in-store bakeries as the supermarket rolls out a souped-up training programme across its entire estate.


n ADM has announced that Ian Pinner has been named managing director, ADM Pura (the edible oils and fats business), adding this responsibility to his current role as MD of ADM Milling.

Rhubarb brûlée tart


Choco shock

The following 'shock freezing' technique, which creates thin, flexible sheets of chocolate, is perfect for decorating Christmas logs. But be warned, this only works with real chocolate, not with baker's coating.

Green approach pays dividends

Rising utility costs, changing legislation and the increasing environmental awareness of consumers all present challenges for the baking industry. But these issues could equally be viewed as opportunities for businesses to create competitive advantages.

Don't believe the hype

Recently I read an article which implied that small companies should think and act 'big', if they want to actually become big. The writer then proceeded to tell readers to hire people that they would not actually need until the following year, once the company had grown.

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