UCB's United Nations

Just over a year after a major fire at its Bathgate facility at the end of October last year, Scottish firm United Central Bakeries (UCB) has ambitious plans.

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French lesson

Last month's preliminary Competition Commission (CC) report into the supply of groceries in the UK contained serious flaws and omissions, which reflect an ignorance of a range of hidden elements affecting trading in town and city centres.

Flawed argument

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is currently conducting a public consultation on new guidance on food-labelling terms, such as 'fresh', 'pure', 'premium' and 'quality'. But many of the proposed guidelines are too vague to clarify any ambiguities.

CSR in the spotlight

The Carbon Trust, a private company set up by government, has invited trade organisations to apply for up to £140,000-worth of funding on carbon reduction projects.

McVitie's changes fig roll packs

Biscuit company McVitie's says it will be launching new-look fig rolls on the Irish market soon, after packaging has been changed following a recent court case (British Baker, 12 October, pg 12).

Czech Republic bakery sets up robotised facility

Czech bakery company Penam has opened the first robotised bakery in the Czech Republic, near Prague.

Lunchtime habits

More than two-thirds of office workers have sandwiches for lunch, according to new research.


For supermarkets, short and efficient supply chains must be the ultimate 'gold standard' to aim for. This week, Sainsbury's announced a brand new initiative on bakery, sourcing wheat from a UK farmers' co-operative (pg 4). It is an admirable way of supporting British farmers and lowering the carbon footprint, while achieving the longer-term aim of dispensing with Canadian wheat.

Whole grains help pancreas

Eating two portions of whole grains a day could almost halve the risk of developing pancreatic cancer, says new research.

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