23 Mar, 1934

Most London bakers are becoming seriously perturbed about the position of flour prices in relation to the official Food Council scale for bread prices.


...of all deaths every year are caused by poor diet, amounting to 69,400, according to a report commissioned by Gordon Brown from the Strategy Unit

On greenhouse gases

The godfather of Allinson’s bread was a mine of wisdom – and it wasn’t all bread-related. A century on, his moral insights help us cast light on the problems of our own age.

Heavenly ambition

"If we had to put one cake forward to the devil, I think the brownies would save our lives," says Nigel Green, co-owner of the ironically named Heavenly Cakes - presumably the world's first Satanist bakery.

Warings' facelift

Warings celebrated its 75th birthday at the tail end of 2007. And this Reading-based bakery went one better than a 75-candle cake - it treated itself to a birthday gift by splashing out nearly £75k on overhauling one of its five shops.

Speak up or lose out on training

Much has been written and spoken about a crisis in bakery education as witnessed by the decline in the number of colleges offering courses in baking. This is linked to a shortage of skilled bakers and often doomsday predictions about the future of our industry.

Costs fuel prices

British bread prices have risen by between 15 to 20% in the past year as commo-dity and fuel costs bite, but a loaf of bread is still cheaper here than in most of the rest of the world.

The state of the nation

I am at last eligible for a government grant. After all, if illegal immigrants are being given a free flight home and £4,000 to start up a business, I think I must be eligible, as I will explain. And I do not intend leaving the country, so I will not even cost the government the airfare.

ABF registers rise in revenues

Associated British Foods, which owns Allied Bakeries and British Sugar, has reported a 13% rise in group revenue over the corresponding period last year, despite a 12% fall in sugar revenues, according to the company's interim management statement.

Midlands bakers enjoy a merry little Christmas

It was a bumper Christmas for two Midlands-based bakeries, which enjoyed record sales.

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