Ethical trends

Retail sales of Fairtrade products in 2007 were worth £493m, up a staggering 81% on 2006 sales of £273m, according to the Fairtrade Foundation.

Ibonhart sells a slicer to Siberia

Bakery equipment supplier Ibonhart of Norwich is reaping the rewards of a 15-year trading relationship with Russia.

FPB urges rethink on tax plans as next Budget looms

The 2008 Budget, out next week, is likely to heap an unfair tax burden on many smaller firms, such as craft bakers and bakery retailers, according to the Forum of Private Business (FPB).

BSB golf event

The world-famous Brabazon Golf Course at The Belfry, near Birmingham, is once again hosting this year's golf day for the British Society of Baking. The event takes place on Tuesday, 29 April, starting at 8.30am, and will give members of the BSB and their guests the opportunity to follow in the steps of golfing greats such as Tiger Woods.


This week, I was passed down a family recipe hailing from the Gwendraeth Valleys in West Wales - one which utilises bread in a hitherto forgotten way. It's called siencyn (pronounced shen-kin). Imagine the following delight: tea, sugar, bread and lumps of cheese, all in a bowl. That's right, cheesy bready tea. Yum.

Reporting in

Mike Holling, president, National Association of Master Bakers

Medal winners

Sugarcraft students from Brooklands College competed in a bi-annual catering exhibition at ExCeL in London's Docklands and achieved great success.

Basco follows up case of missing baskets

Tens of thousands of bread baskets being illegally used by bakeries and caterers have been recovered in the past six months by Bakers Basco, an organisation set up by the industry to crack down on companies who hold on to baskets following deliveries.

Consumer watch

Shoppers are increasingly confident about the food they eat, according to a Food Standards Agency (FSA) survey, which found people are less concerned about issues such as additives, food poisoning and GM foods.

Tesco repeats Scottish festival

The Scottish baking industry will be represented at Tesco's Enjoy the Taste of Scotland food festival in Glasgow, from 25-27 April.

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