Last Year's WINNER: Baker of the Year 2007

"We were very pleased to be named Baker of the Year last year. It was great to communicate the win to our customers - we published a leaflet highlighting our success, which we handed to the public. Also, when we refurbished our shops, we put 'Baker of the Year' on the bottom of all our posters. They look great and we are honoured to have won the title.

Plant Product of the Year

This new category in the Baking Industry Awards has been created to reward new product innovation from the industry's largest companies. Plant bakers, industrial cake producers and large desserts manufacturers, which have launched innovative new products in the past year, are all encouraged to enter the Puratos-sponsored award.

Celebration Cake Maker of the Year

The Celebration Cake Maker of the Year category is open to everyone, ranging from small cake-making specialists right up to celebration cake suppliers to supermarkets.

Bakery Food Manufacturer of the Year

Businesses that have grown from traditional craft bakery roots to become excellent specialist bakeries, as well as large bakery food manufacturers with a strong market presence, are encouraged to enter the Bakery Food Manufacturer of the Year award.

Welcome to the 2008 Baking Industry Awards

The search is on once more to find the baking industry's high fliers and success stories, with the official launch of the Baking Industry Awards 2008. The awards, now in their 21st year, recognise the hard work and passion of the people and companies that make the British baking industry one of the most exciting and innovative in the world.

The Customer Focus Award

T he Customer Focus Award seeks out the most customer-orientated bakery businesses. It was created in recognition of the craft, industrial and in-store bakery sectors' constant determination to find new ways to improve levels of customer service.

Baker of the Year

V andemoortele has been involved with the awards since 1987 and is proud of its commitment to maintaining and developing the highest standards by recognising the skills, expertise and passion of bakers.

In-Store Bakery of the Year

The in-store bakery (ISB) provides true theatre in supermarkets, encouraging retailers to maximise innovation and introduce increasingly exciting product lines. An integral part of the supermarket offering, the ISB enables consumers to indulge, experiment and enjoy the freshest of craft bakery products in-store.

The Quality Product Award

T his award is open to any supplier or retailer, large or small, whether you make or sell a 49p croissant or a £29 cake. If you are proud of the quality of your product, please enter. This award isn't just about products like Tesco Finest; it is also about great quality standard products. Customers on all budgets should expect to get a quality product when they visit the bakery department or shop.

The Craft Bakery Award

UK miller Rank Hovis says it is proud to once again sponsor the Craft Bakery Award in 2008. This award is an excellent way for craft businesses to demonstrate their talent in today's ever-competitive UK and Irish bakery markets.

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