Boost your business with a Baking Industry Award

With less than a week to go until the deadline, it's time to get those Baking Industry Awards entries in. Due to a number of requests, the cut-off date for entries has been extended to 23 May.

Bakers get set for National Doughnut Week

Craft bakers around the country are gearing up for National Doughnut Week from 10-17 May with a host of exciting ideas to help raise funds for the event’s chosen charity The Children’s Trust.

Cryptic bready quiz

See if you can match up the crypric clues to types of bread. And, yes, some of the answers made us groan too.

Next issue 2 May

l Local sourcing

28 Oct, 1955

The news has come this week of the experiments of a large producer of bread to combat the competition of the "oven-hot" loaf of the family baker. With the widening field that must ever be sought for plant-produced bread, these manufacturers have been seeking a method of producing oven-fresh bread before the customer.
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Groom boom

Aspiring brides have literally been left on the shelf at a Nottingham bakery. Paul Brown, owner of Sweet Success bakery, told a British Baker journo that the company has been busy making wedding cakes for gay men's civil partnership parties. But the high demand for groom figurines has left a pile of unwanted brides.

On salt

Learned, dapper and with a bowel to set your watch by, healthy-eating prophet Dr Allinson was over a century ahead of his time and a self-proclaimed authority on everything from farting to skinny dipping. Here's his vital advice on kids' salt intake.


...of shoppers would like to be able to recognise free-from foods more easily with improved packaging, says a poll by allergy magazine Foods Matter, with clear 'flashes' to identify wheat-free and dairy-free products wanted by 98%. Isn't the whole 'free-from' section in the supermarket enough of a clue...?

April 18

"Aaaaaarrgh ****! Somebody PLEASE make it stop!"

Nappy baker's happy

You may remember, three weeks ago, when Stop the Week featured a story on [http://www.baby-cakes.co.uk], which makes its cakes from unconventional ingredients: nappies. Well, owner Miranda Hart got in touch to express her delight at the coverage, and concurred that the concept would have struggled in the BBC's Dragons' Den. "I quite agree - definitely not a conventional filling, but one which is literally flying out like 'hot cakes'! I don't think I would like to put myself through the Dragons' Den - I can hear their comments now 'Nappy what?', 'Cakes?', 'I wouldn't want a chocolate-filled one!' etc."

Fired-up thinking

This recipe was devised by Nicolas Boussin, winner of the coveted title of Best Pastry Chef in France. Inspired by a burning log fire, but by no means confined to Christmas, this recipe has warm fiery overtones. This luxury chocolate cake costs less than £1 per slice net to make, but can retail for up to £4 per slice in a high-end bakery, café or patisserie. Each cake serves eight slices or can be sold whole.

Coca-Cola UK's sales pitch

Now - 10 cases

Cool customers

A few years ago, while digging up the M1, workmen dozily pierced the pipeline taking water to Coca-Cola's biggest factory in Wakefield, Yorkshire.

Earning a crust from sandwiches

John Montague (1718-1792), the fourth Earl of Sandwich, often gets the credit for inventing the sandwich.

No weak Link

Back in 2005, McCambridge's chairman, Michael McCambridge, was quoted in the Irish Times as saying: "McCambridge is linked almost exclusively with brown bread and we want to keep it that way." Two years later, it acquired the second-biggest cake manufacturer in the UK, in the shape of Inter Link Foods. But they'd already picked up three UK businesses by that point, en route to the 10 in total that they've accrued in the UK and Ireland since 1999.

The great outdoors

With summer just around the corner, outdoor parties are promising to be in full swing - and you don't need to be an events organiser to cash in.

From Humble beginnings

With a trained chef as a mother to teach her cookery from an early age and a father who worked for Lloyds Bank providing commercial nous, it's perhaps not surprising that Gemma Parker has ended up running an increasingly successful cake-making business in Norfolk.

Talking Heads

Vera Foreman, training manager - apprentices, Morrisons

Call to arms

One small step for bakers (or a few steps upstairs to the conference rooms at Baking Industry Exhibition), one giant leap for baking kind. What last year appeared a challenge at one time as unlikely as putting a man on the moon - getting the baking industry to speak with once voice - last week came a significant stride nearer.

Book review

With a title like 'Fantastic Party Cakes', cake maker extraordinaire Mich Turner's latest opus, which features a gushing endorsement from alpha male chef Gordon Rammo on the cover (the f-words must have been edited out), could equally be strapped with the anti-Yorkie tagline: 'It's not for boys'.


The first of the English asparagus will be appearing at the end of April. The British asparagus season, which lasts just eight weeks, really gets going in May and is finished by the end of June, although fresh asparagus is available all year round from places as far away as Spain and Peru.

The plant baker

According to the food pundits, the snacking agenda for the year ahead is healthy eating. Well I have a problem with healthy eating; it's all so negative, so depressing - you can't eat this, you can't eat that. It's 'free-from' this and 'low in' that and definitely none of the other!

60-second sales pitch

== What service do you sell? ==

Linx takes down solvents

Linx Printing Technologies has launched a new model of continuous inkjet printer, which is capable of reducing solvent usage by up to 40% and delivering additional cost of ownership savings.

Allen offers print solution

Allen Coding Systems has launched a low-cost, thermal transfer printer specifically designed for food industry users of traditional hot stamp equipment. The 53LTi enables customers to upgrade to a more versatile system that easily prints vital fixed and variable text and graphics.

Husky adds chilled display

Husky Group has launched the IcePod 2 Modular display freezer or chiller combination, which has three separate stackable pods.

A Positive approach to labelling

Positive ID labelling has developed a new multi-purpose label that can both carry printed data and indicate when pre-packed foods have achieved the correct temperature. The label is printed with a special ink strip that remains invisible until it changes to black at the specified temperature, ensuring the food has been properly heated. The change is permanent and irreversible.

German firm cuts to suit

Ultrasonic cutting machine manufacturer Döinghaus, from Germany, has launched a cutter designed to cut slab products in or out of trays. It will cut triangles and portion round cakes. The unit incorporates a positioning device for accurate product placement and also has an integral cleaning system which uses UV light to kill bacteria.

Easy preparation for fruit and veg

Barbel Quattro has developed a vegetable preparation machine, which can process up to 30kg of vegetables or fruit an hour.

Hoshizaki plays it cool

Hoshizaki has introduced the super-compact DSM 12 ice dispenser, for use when only relatively low volume is required or when usage is occasional.

Meiko does its bit for planet

Warewashing company Meiko UK has taken the first step in implementing a carbon offset programme for every road, air and freight mile undertaken on behalf of the company. Several of the firm's energy, chemical and sustainable kitchen food waste products will automatically qualify for 'footprint points' that convert into pounds for the Meiko UK Carbon Offset Fund. At the end of the year, proceeds from the fund will be distributed to a number of organisations that actively contribute to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, whether in support of replacing non-renewable fuel projects, forest restoration or energy efficiency.

Products: Gilberts' slice of the good life

Gilberts Food Equipment has launched the Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer 11, which can slice tomatoes and onions to a uniform size within seconds for burgers, buffets, salads or sandwiches.

Product news

Tyrrell's Potato Chips has launched a seasonal variety - Garden Herbs. The launch blends four classic herbs - basil, thyme, rosemary and oregano - to give "delicately balanced yet flavoursome" crisps.

Potted history

Bruno and Sergio Costa set up their first coffee roastery in Lambeth, London, in 1971, supplying local caterers and Italian coffee shops with coffee, slow roasted the Italian way.

Face to face at Costa

How did your career progress before joining Costa Coffee?

Show us your va-va-voom

Bakers and confectioners are advised to get their skates on if they want to take part in this year's Baking Industry Awards, as the deadline, Friday 16 May, is fast approaching. The Awards have a category to suit everyone, so there's no excuse not to have a go.

Around the show with... Tom Herbert

Piping bags that pipe themselves

BIE showing in style

Visitors to the Baking Industry Exhibition 2008 (BIE) not only had access to 120 exhibitors, but could also take advantage of a range of innovative features.

Wheat comment

Uncertainty is likely to remain in the market for the remainder of the old wheat crop marketing campaign, and weather is now critical for the new crop. Analysts are expecting a record wheat crop for 2008/09. In the meantime, the new crop forwards market is broadly tracking old crop movements in the absence of solid market fundamentals of its own.

Reporting in: We all have a duty to consumers

In these days of economic uncertainty, fuelled by the credit crunch, falling equity markets and commodity market speculation, it is increasingly important that we all (suppliers, wholesalers, and bakers) work together throughout the supply chain and focus on the consumer.


Dear Sylvia

In Short

== Gates boost for wheat ==

Knotts secures cross-border deal

Award-winning Northern Ireland bakery Knotts has made inroads south of the border by securing a contract to supply its range of premium, quality "pound" cakes to Donnybrook Fair, a major retailer in Dublin.

Country Choice takes on rival in NI

UK bake-off and food-to-go giant Country Choice is planning to take on rival Cuisine de France (CDF) on its own turf, by entering the Northern Irish market, which the latter dominates.

Carr's recoups margin in food business

Carr's Milling Industries, the Cumbrian-based agriculture, food and engineering firm, has seen a 45% rise in half-year profits.

Real Good Food sees good sales, but feels profit pinch

The Real Good Food Company (RGFC) achieved increased sales last year, but profits suffered as a result of soaring commodity prices, with a decline in its bakery ingredients division from £5.6 million to £4m, according to its end-of-year results.

In Short

== BB's juicy deal ==


Dan O'Donohoe (63) of Foxrock, Dublin, who collapsed and died suddenly at the beginning of April, was a well-known figure in the Irish baking industry, writes Hugh Oram.

Aulds negotiates a move

Scottish bakers Aulds is consulting with its 150 employees at its Greenock factory about a possible move to a new manufacturing facility 16 miles away in Inchinnan, as its current plant is outdated.

Costa ethic

Costa Coffee is to source its entire coffee supply from sustainable farms.

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