Boost your business with a Baking Industry Award

With less than a week to go until the deadline, it's time to get those Baking Industry Awards entries in. Due to a number of requests, the cut-off date for entries has been extended to 23 May.

Bakers get set for National Doughnut Week

Craft bakers around the country are gearing up for National Doughnut Week from 10-17 May with a host of exciting ideas to help raise funds for the event’s chosen charity The Children’s Trust.

Cryptic bready quiz

See if you can match up the crypric clues to types of bread. And, yes, some of the answers made us groan too.

Next issue 2 May

l Local sourcing

28 Oct, 1955

The news has come this week of the experiments of a large producer of bread to combat the competition of the "oven-hot" loaf of the family baker. With the widening field that must ever be sought for plant-produced bread, these manufacturers have been seeking a method of producing oven-fresh bread before the customer.
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Groom boom

Aspiring brides have literally been left on the shelf at a Nottingham bakery. Paul Brown, owner of Sweet Success bakery, told a British Baker journo that the company has been busy making wedding cakes for gay men's civil partnership parties. But the high demand for groom figurines has left a pile of unwanted brides.

On salt

Learned, dapper and with a bowel to set your watch by, healthy-eating prophet Dr Allinson was over a century ahead of his time and a self-proclaimed authority on everything from farting to skinny dipping. Here's his vital advice on kids' salt intake.


...of shoppers would like to be able to recognise free-from foods more easily with improved packaging, says a poll by allergy magazine Foods Matter, with clear 'flashes' to identify wheat-free and dairy-free products wanted by 98%. Isn't the whole 'free-from' section in the supermarket enough of a clue...?

April 18

"Aaaaaarrgh ****! Somebody PLEASE make it stop!"

Nappy baker's happy

You may remember, three weeks ago, when Stop the Week featured a story on [http://www.baby-cakes.co.uk], which makes its cakes from unconventional ingredients: nappies. Well, owner Miranda Hart got in touch to express her delight at the coverage, and concurred that the concept would have struggled in the BBC's Dragons' Den. "I quite agree - definitely not a conventional filling, but one which is literally flying out like 'hot cakes'! I don't think I would like to put myself through the Dragons' Den - I can hear their comments now 'Nappy what?', 'Cakes?', 'I wouldn't want a chocolate-filled one!' etc."

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