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Marco offers dual-aspect brewer

Marco Beverage Systems has added self-service coffee brewers to its range. The machines can be operated on one side by customers and by staff from the other side.

Paper cups are fair Dinkum

Fresh Shakes supplier Dinkum Products has ditched polystyrene cups for paper. The branded cups, lids and straws are supplied free with each 1.8kg tub of Fresh Shakes thick milkshakes. Director Ken Richards said paper cups have a better image with customers. Dinkum is offering free, no obligation, demonstrations anywhere in the UK of any or all of their concepts. To book your demonstration contact Dinkum direct on 0121 245 1945 or through its website.

Emmi chills out lattes

Emmi has launched a Caffè Latte in a plastic cup with a resealable lid designed for sale at both cafés and shops.

Café Bar takes espresso to a new planet

Café Bar has launched an Italian-manufactured espresso unit, CMA-Planet. The classic-looking espresso machine is available in a range of configurations to suit a variety of businesses. The machine is available in single, double, triple or quad-brew versions and the operator can choose between automatic and semi-automatic modes. Semi-automatic systems function via a stop/start switch, which begins the brewing process. Once coffee extraction is complete the process is stopped manually.

Water taps into eco trends

A new English mineral water brand is aimed at ethically-conscious consumers. Iceni Water is bottled at source in Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

Slazenger's latest smash

Aimia Foods has launched a new range of Slazenger S1 'hypotonic' sports drinks in Orange and Mixed Berry flavours.

Lucozade spends £8m on latest sports sector drive

Lucozade Sport will be supported with an £8 million TV and press campaign this year.

Britvic highlights 'healthy' variety

'Better for you' choices emerged as the biggest growth area in soft drinks retail last year, according to the latest research, as bakers were urged to diversify their drinks offering, reports Andrew Williams.

Beyond the bean

When your customers are rushing to catch the 06.59 from Reading to Paddington, there is no time to get your product offering wrong. That's why, even after 15 years of running coffee kiosks at major UK stations and airports, AMT Coffee regards quick service and using exceptional ingredients, such as 100% Fairtrade coffee and organic milk, as key. It also holds customer loyalty very dear, and even today, despite around 80% of customers repeat purchasing up to five times a week, the managing director reads every single customer comment.

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