Basco says it will look at complaint

Bread basket recovery firm Bakers Basco says it will investigate any complaints about its workers' conduct.

Doughnut Week Q&A

== Q What is Doughnut Week? ==

Bakery to benefit from huge Tameside spend

The £90 million rebuilding of Tameside College will herald an exciting period of growth for the bakery department, with more students, even better equipment and closer links with schools and employers, said head of food and hospitality studies Chris Massey.

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== Genesis gets Crafty on tourism drive ==

Greenhalgh's Craft Bakery

has launched a fruit flapjack into shops across north-west England to raise money for its 2008 Local Hero campaign. For each flapjack sold, Greenhalgh's will give 5p to a fund that will help several charities in the region. The first of these charities, The Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team, helped get Greenhalgh's campaign under way, outside its Bank Street shop, Warrington.

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== France tops the world ==

O'Briens to establish 15 more units

Sandwich bar and coffee chain O'Briens plans to open a further 15 franchise units by the end of this year, with a focus on north- east England and the Midlands.

Creditors await FBBM outcome

Creditors of the Fabulous Bakin' Boys Manufacturing (FBBM) are still in limbo, waiting to see if they will get any of the money owed from the collapsed firm.

Call us today for your Awards entry forms

With the deadline now extended to 16 May, there is still time to get your entries in for this year's Baking Industry Awards.

Retirement for Hempton

One of the most well-respected figures in the Northern Ireland baking industry has retired after 37 years. Mervyn Hempton, operations manager at Allied Bakeries Ireland, worked hard to build the Belfast-based company with his younger brother, Alan.

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