Fired-up thinking

This recipe was devised by Nicolas Boussin, winner of the coveted title of Best Pastry Chef in France. Inspired by a burning log fire, but by no means confined to Christmas, this recipe has warm fiery overtones. This luxury chocolate cake costs less than £1 per slice net to make, but can retail for up to £4 per slice in a high-end bakery, café or patisserie. Each cake serves eight slices or can be sold whole.

Coca-Cola UK's sales pitch

Now - 10 cases

Cool customers

A few years ago, while digging up the M1, workmen dozily pierced the pipeline taking water to Coca-Cola's biggest factory in Wakefield, Yorkshire.

Earning a crust from sandwiches

John Montague (1718-1792), the fourth Earl of Sandwich, often gets the credit for inventing the sandwich.

No weak Link

Back in 2005, McCambridge's chairman, Michael McCambridge, was quoted in the Irish Times as saying: "McCambridge is linked almost exclusively with brown bread and we want to keep it that way." Two years later, it acquired the second-biggest cake manufacturer in the UK, in the shape of Inter Link Foods. But they'd already picked up three UK businesses by that point, en route to the 10 in total that they've accrued in the UK and Ireland since 1999.

The great outdoors

With summer just around the corner, outdoor parties are promising to be in full swing - and you don't need to be an events organiser to cash in.

From Humble beginnings

With a trained chef as a mother to teach her cookery from an early age and a father who worked for Lloyds Bank providing commercial nous, it's perhaps not surprising that Gemma Parker has ended up running an increasingly successful cake-making business in Norfolk.

Talking Heads

Vera Foreman, training manager - apprentices, Morrisons

Call to arms

One small step for bakers (or a few steps upstairs to the conference rooms at Baking Industry Exhibition), one giant leap for baking kind. What last year appeared a challenge at one time as unlikely as putting a man on the moon - getting the baking industry to speak with once voice - last week came a significant stride nearer.

Book review

With a title like 'Fantastic Party Cakes', cake maker extraordinaire Mich Turner's latest opus, which features a gushing endorsement from alpha male chef Gordon Rammo on the cover (the f-words must have been edited out), could equally be strapped with the anti-Yorkie tagline: 'It's not for boys'.

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