The first of the English asparagus will be appearing at the end of April. The British asparagus season, which lasts just eight weeks, really gets going in May and is finished by the end of June, although fresh asparagus is available all year round from places as far away as Spain and Peru.

The plant baker

According to the food pundits, the snacking agenda for the year ahead is healthy eating. Well I have a problem with healthy eating; it's all so negative, so depressing - you can't eat this, you can't eat that. It's 'free-from' this and 'low in' that and definitely none of the other!

60-second sales pitch

== What service do you sell? ==

Linx takes down solvents

Linx Printing Technologies has launched a new model of continuous inkjet printer, which is capable of reducing solvent usage by up to 40% and delivering additional cost of ownership savings.

Allen offers print solution

Allen Coding Systems has launched a low-cost, thermal transfer printer specifically designed for food industry users of traditional hot stamp equipment. The 53LTi enables customers to upgrade to a more versatile system that easily prints vital fixed and variable text and graphics.

Husky adds chilled display

Husky Group has launched the IcePod 2 Modular display freezer or chiller combination, which has three separate stackable pods.

A Positive approach to labelling

Positive ID labelling has developed a new multi-purpose label that can both carry printed data and indicate when pre-packed foods have achieved the correct temperature. The label is printed with a special ink strip that remains invisible until it changes to black at the specified temperature, ensuring the food has been properly heated. The change is permanent and irreversible.

German firm cuts to suit

Ultrasonic cutting machine manufacturer Döinghaus, from Germany, has launched a cutter designed to cut slab products in or out of trays. It will cut triangles and portion round cakes. The unit incorporates a positioning device for accurate product placement and also has an integral cleaning system which uses UV light to kill bacteria.

Easy preparation for fruit and veg

Barbel Quattro has developed a vegetable preparation machine, which can process up to 30kg of vegetables or fruit an hour.

Hoshizaki plays it cool

Hoshizaki has introduced the super-compact DSM 12 ice dispenser, for use when only relatively low volume is required or when usage is occasional.

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