May 1894

Fancy bread remains as far from definition as ever. The time has arrived to take action, and fancy bread ought to be put once and for all out of the region of anomalies and made thoroughly intelligible both to producer and consumer.

Bleeding Heart attack

New York is widely acknowledged as the epicentre of food-to-go trends. But here's one we're hoping won't catch on in the UK: apple-smoked bacon, half-coated lengthwise by a layer of chocolate.

On workplace stress

For those of you unfamiliar with the great man, the wholegrain bread-fixated godfather of the brand that still bears his name was a prophet of healthy living. But there was so much more to his repertoire, which should be a moral satnav for our own times.

Euro-pain in the bum

Yes, we know it's childish. We know it should be beneath us. But we couldn't help sniggering at some of the exhibitors' names at French bakery show Europain this week. Such schoolboy tittering is unbecoming, but to puerile Brit journalists, this is what visiting overseas trade events is all about.

Planning ahead

Real Food's ground-breaking format reflects the focus given to food standards - in particular, provenance and sustainability. It is both a trade and consumer show, with a dedicated trade day on Thursday 24 April. Tickets for the dedicated trade day cost £20 (including VAT), which includes the entrance fee, the gala evening, complimentary producer sampling of ingredients and workshops. Bakery exhibitors include De Gustibus, Flour Power City Baker and The Flour Station.

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April 6 - 9


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Separated by just a couple of hours on the Eurostar, the French and UK bakery scenes might as well be worlds apart. The first hint of this comes when you ask a French baker about the local baking industry. They immediately recoil at the mere mention of the word "industry". In their eyes, it's seen as the antithesis of craft - if not another name for Beelzebub.

The good mixer

=== 1I am an independent café operator, with limited kitchen space. I buy in many products finished and for bake-off, but I require a mixer for the occasional home-made cake, for batters and for icings. ===

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