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== September 4, 1925: a bone to pick ==

Top 10 Toasters (+1)

== The Trapdoor Toaster ==

The genius of Dr Allinson

A time long before our corrupted kids took to the streets armed with blades and economy lager (back in Victorian times they preferred catapults and pennyworths of gin), our esteemed doctor had these words of advice for child-rearers. However, BB will not be held responsible for the consequences of freezing your kids...

Rest your wrist - on a croissant

The benefits of allowing your pastry to rest are well-known. Just as important is letting your pastry-making wrist rest at the end of a hard day's work. After all, when it comes to powering up your PC to do your accounts, the rigours of pushing a computer mouse around could tip you over the edge into a nasty case of Repetitive Strain Injury. Thankfully, the Croissant Wrist Rest has been developed to help you tick this health and safety box. It even features a fresh baked bread smell. Sadly, this technological breakthrough was not yet available in the UK at the time of going to press. But gadget websites in America are advertising it for $6. tinyurl.com/6hy5ab

The toast with the most

Bakers are always talking about 'adding value' to their bread. While the cost of a loaf of bread has broken through the £1 barrier, you could easily add three zeroes to that by investing in a blowtorch and sandpaper.

Paper chase

You don't have to be a big-scale operation to take advantage of IT, and a number of smaller bakeries have benefited from a long-established package, tailored to craft businesses, which has recently been upgraded.

IT's all in the margin

People driving SUVs are not the only ones worried about rising oil prices. Its impact is being felt throughout industry, and baking is no different. Add in spiralling costs for wheat and other raw materials, and protecting margins in our business is getting harder and harder.

Tricks for treats

H alloween is traditionally about dressing up in ridiculously unscary costumes, the implied necessity for everyone - well every child - to be out roaming the streets at night, trick or treating and getting someone else in the family to buy and carve a pumpkin. However it is also emerging as an increasingly profitable event for the bakery sector.

Waste savings

Like many businesses, those in the baking trade often feel that they have little spare time on their hands to dedicate to environmental issues. However, this is an area where a little investment can pay dividends in terms of improved resource efficiency and cost savings.

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