Warburtons fibre boost

Warburtons is kicking off a national promotion of its wholemeal range this September, in order to give the nation a ‘fibre boost’. It is also launching a mini online drama called ‘The Seeds of Love’ featuring its Seeded Batch Loaf.

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== 20 January, 1933: Bridget Jones wanted ==

Star jobs #1

Following a busy and stressful week, there are some jobs you think, you'd love to do - something untaxing that involves getting away from the rat race. Shooting to the top of that aspirational list is 'spokesperson for Starbucks'. When BB tried to check up on reports that the firm had posted its first loss for 15 years, Starbucks' press officer was not budging from her seat on the fence. "I can't be quoted as either confirming or denying it," she said. Nice work if you can get it.

The genius of Dr Allinson

We hark back to time immemorial, when Scotland was still a paragon of healthy eating, courtesy of our resident nutrition expert Dr Allinson (deceased).

The Bun Pun Police

Keeping an eye out for bakery coverage in the national press involves a depressing wade through half-baked (sorry!) bakery puns. We sometimes fail to resist the temptation to rise to the occasion ourselves (sorry again!). So the time has come to regularly monitor, name and shame the worst offenders here in Stop the Week.

Mouthing off

"Consumers are showing signs of fatigue of celebrity marketing. The cult of celebrity has reached a crossroads - over-exposed celebrities have saturated the market and ageing populations mean that the growth audience is shrinking.

A pint and a bun

At Panary I am commited to teaching the "ferment" as the best way to make enriched doughs. The "one pint ferment" is a marvellous old-fashioned British craft standard. It enables the yeast to get a flying start before it gets bogged down in that heavy and rich group of ingredients - fat, sugar, egg yolk, spice - that separate it from its food. However, not everyone wants to take the trouble to set up a ferment, and the guidelines are that you can use any high-quality fruited bun dough of your choice.

Divide and rule

It's a fairly tricky ask, reinventing the wheel - possibly as challenging as reinventing that bakery stalwart, the divider moulder. "There's a lot of old equipment out there that's just brought back with a facelift," is the assessment from Interbake's David Dunne, which would be a somewhat downbeat way to open an article on innovations in this area of the machinery market. Thankfully, he adds that the bits that have been developed in recent times are simple tweaks to make day-to-day operations easier. That can mean anything from safeguarding against manky dough festering around your kit to cutting out the need for multiple machines for different-sized dough pieces.

Pizza ovens suitable for Neapolitan-style pizzas

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