Warburtons fibre boost

Warburtons is kicking off a national promotion of its wholemeal range this September, in order to give the nation a ‘fibre boost’. It is also launching a mini online drama called ‘The Seeds of Love’ featuring its Seeded Batch Loaf.

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== 20 January, 1933: Bridget Jones wanted ==

Star jobs #1

Following a busy and stressful week, there are some jobs you think, you'd love to do - something untaxing that involves getting away from the rat race. Shooting to the top of that aspirational list is 'spokesperson for Starbucks'. When BB tried to check up on reports that the firm had posted its first loss for 15 years, Starbucks' press officer was not budging from her seat on the fence. "I can't be quoted as either confirming or denying it," she said. Nice work if you can get it.

The genius of Dr Allinson

We hark back to time immemorial, when Scotland was still a paragon of healthy eating, courtesy of our resident nutrition expert Dr Allinson (deceased).

The Bun Pun Police

Keeping an eye out for bakery coverage in the national press involves a depressing wade through half-baked (sorry!) bakery puns. We sometimes fail to resist the temptation to rise to the occasion ourselves (sorry again!). So the time has come to regularly monitor, name and shame the worst offenders here in Stop the Week.

Mouthing off

"Consumers are showing signs of fatigue of celebrity marketing. The cult of celebrity has reached a crossroads - over-exposed celebrities have saturated the market and ageing populations mean that the growth audience is shrinking.

A pint and a bun

At Panary I am commited to teaching the "ferment" as the best way to make enriched doughs. The "one pint ferment" is a marvellous old-fashioned British craft standard. It enables the yeast to get a flying start before it gets bogged down in that heavy and rich group of ingredients - fat, sugar, egg yolk, spice - that separate it from its food. However, not everyone wants to take the trouble to set up a ferment, and the guidelines are that you can use any high-quality fruited bun dough of your choice.

Divide and rule

It's a fairly tricky ask, reinventing the wheel - possibly as challenging as reinventing that bakery stalwart, the divider moulder. "There's a lot of old equipment out there that's just brought back with a facelift," is the assessment from Interbake's David Dunne, which would be a somewhat downbeat way to open an article on innovations in this area of the machinery market. Thankfully, he adds that the bits that have been developed in recent times are simple tweaks to make day-to-day operations easier. That can mean anything from safeguarding against manky dough festering around your kit to cutting out the need for multiple machines for different-sized dough pieces.

Pizza ovens suitable for Neapolitan-style pizzas

[] (Milton Keynes, Bucks) | [] (Knowsley, Merseyside) | [] (Uxbridge, Middlesex) | [] (Tunbridge Wells, Kent) | Pizza Plus Foodservice (Preston) | [] (Croydon, Surrey)

Made to measure

Originally, pizza dough was cooked outdoors on hot flat stones. Not entirely practical or indeed desirable in this HACCP age we live in, but you don't have to brave the British weather to produce excellent pizzas. There are options to suit you, from counter-top to conveyor models. Here are just a small selection:

No sloppy Giuseppe

You don't want to mess with Giuseppe Mascoli's oven. The Neapolitan pizza owner prides himself on his E9,000 (£7,085), handcrafted specimen. "I had it made by an artisan in Naples," he says. "Then put on an industrial trolley and shipped over on a container. It's a very particular oven."

Passion play

Passionate People, Passionate About Food' is Rotherham-based Maple Leaf Bakery's slogan. This passion, along with a huge pride about what it does and what it has achieved, were the main instigators behind the company's decision to enter last year's Baking Industry Awards and the reasons behind its Bakery Manufacturer Of The Year accolade. Sitting in marketing and innovation director Guy Hall's office, drinking tea out of an 'I love New York bagels' mug, the passion is certainly evident.

Flour power

In December 2006, Mike Thurlow, miller and tenant of Letheringsett Watermill in north Norfolk, won the UKTV Local Food Hero Award. One of the judges, celebrity chef Gary Rhodes, described him as "the nation's favourite" and thousands of internet voters clearly agreed.

Fairtrade's fair game

So you've undertaken a green audit, embarked on an energy efficiency plan and explored eco-friendly packaging. How else can you make your business more ethical? Consider looking more closely at the core of your business - at the products you sell.

The quest to invest

A combination of the credit crunch, high raw materials price inflation and low business and consumer confidence makes this a testing time for owners looking to finance an early or mature phase of expansion in the food sector.

Culture corner: Book review

== Cupcake Magic ==

Seasonal seller

Damsons, a sub-species of plum, were first cultivated around the Syrian capital city of Damascus and, as such, are also known as the Damascus plum. They were brought to Britain by the Romans and then introduced to North America by English settlers. These small oval fruits, with a dark blue skin and a yellow/green flesh, are very tart and, when cooked, give off a dark purple juice. The Lyth valley in the north-west of England is well-known for growing damsons. Apart from being used in jams, chutneys and as an alternative to sloes in gin, they are also good used in pies, crumbles, cobblers and baked sponge puddings.

Sandwich guru

Over the past months, we have been working flat out at the Soho Sandwich company, making thousands and thousands of sandwiches for many of the very special events that have taken, and are taking, place up and down the country during the summer, writes Adam Gilbert.

In my world: cake maker

== Mich Turner, founder of Little Venice Cake Company, Marylebone, London ==

Best of the launches

== Pudding Lane: ==

Artisan angle

The Speciality & Fine Food Fair London, taking place at the Grand Hall at Olympia, London, will feature over 700 exhibitors, catering for everyone from delis and independent retailers to chefs and restaurateurs looking to source artisan food and drink.

La Pizza goes to work on 'healthier' bases

La Pizza, a privately owned manufacturer of dough balls, tear-and-share garlic bread and Mediterranean speciality breads, supplying into the foodservice industry, has developed a range of healthier frozen part-baked pizza bases. All products contain less than 1% salt and are made using natural ingredients, containing no preservatives or GM products.

Sandwich firm gains a Taste4life

Food Partners has developed a new sandwich brand - Taste4life - focused on health and sophistication. The range will include more than 50 sandwiches and related products and has been launched in outlets including coffee shops and catering suppliers.

Marco avoids going stale

Marco Beverage Systems has added the Maxibrew Freshcup to its product range. The bulk filter coffee brewer is programmed to dispose of stale coffee after a pre-set period of time, to avoid customers accidentally being served old coffee.

Twin-pack puds aim for broader appeal

Farmhouse Fare is to launch its first-ever range of twin packs. The Lancashire-based company is seeking to widen its appeal beyond family-sized desserts and has brought out a range of 120g x 2 individual portion puddings including: luxury sticky chocolate and orange pudding, sticky carrot cake pudding and luxury sticky banoffee toffee pudding, as well as organic varieties - luxury sticky toffee pudding and sticky chocolate pudding.

Espresso model joins CMC line-up

The Coffee Machine Company has added a new espresso machine to its range. The company is the sole importer of Rancilio espresso machines and has now launched the Classe 6 Compact Tall model. The new machine is fully automatic with full 2-group functionality, and has been designed with coffee shops and takeaway outlets in mind.

Meiko takes out the waste

Meiko UK has added Disaperator food waste disposers to its range of warewashing appliances.

Ishida handles sticky foods

Ishida Europe has introduced a new range of 'Screw Feed' multi-head weighers, which enable the automatic handling of fresh 'sticky' products such as seafood and meat. The design incorporates rotating corkscrews with the familiar circular multi-head layout, replacing traditionally used radial feed troughs.

KPS disinfects to protect

Ultraviolet (UV) treatment equipment manufacturer Kaiku Process Solutions (KPS) has launched its new Bioguard system to help combat the dangers of cross-contamination.

Give the facts, not the fat

Bread has been with us since ancient times, but never before has the whole industry been under such scrutiny from consumers concerned with their weight and health. Ancient Britons would probably have given Sid the Slug short shrift, but nowadays, the baking industry cannot afford to turn its back on calls to lower levels of salt and saturated fat and to help people make healthier choices.

Reporting in

== Terry Sharp Head, Baking & Cereals Processing Department CCFRA ==

Carrefour has eyes for Lewis Pies

Welsh baker Lewis Pies, based in Swansea, has struck a deal with supermarket chain Carrefour, one of Europe's leading supermarket chains.

Slowdown for Starbucks as 600 stores are closed

Starbucks has reported a net loss of $6.7m (£3.4m) in the three months to the end of June, compared to a $158.3m (£79.9m) third-quarter profit last year, against a background of store closures and plans to cut 1,000 office jobs in the US.

US bakery body in row over land

The American Bakers' Asso- ciation has condemned the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) refusal to release land from its Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) to allow farmers to meet food demands and help curb soaring cereal prices.

Northern Foods to close one of two biscuit plants

Union officials are meeting representatives of Northern Foods this week, after the company announced plans to shut one of its biscuit factories.

Buyer sought for Beanscene cafés

Administrators for Scottish coffee chain Beanscene have received more than 50 expressions of interest for the business.

Free entry to Bakers' Fair

Bookings are now being taken for the Bakers' Fair North, to be held at Sheffield's Don Valley Stadium on Sunday 19 October.

Cake market on the up, but trends are changing

The market for cakes and cake bars has increased by 7% in value last year to reach £1.52bn. But while nearly two-thirds of consumers eat them, penetration levels and frequency of use are declining, according to research from Mintel.

Seasoned debate

Brits are eating less salt. Average daily consumption has fallen by 0.9g to 8.6g since 2000, reports the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Greggs shops see healthy half-year sales

Greggs has published a strong set of results for the half-year to June.

Cream puff specialist eyes up UK expansion

Japanese-specialist bakery franchise Beard Papa is planning to link up with major developers to unveil 20 more stores in shopping centres in England by 2010, following success in Asia and the US.

Gloria Jean's to develop franchise in UK market

Coffee shop chain Gloria Jean's plans to expand the current nine-shop franchise to 150.

Hovis to reinstate little loaf

Premier Foods is adding four loaves to Hovis' 400g range to tap into a "key growth sector".

Call for inquiry, as MP queries Lyndale downfall

A Labour MP has accused former Lyndale Group chief executive Michael Quinlan and chairman Sandy Birnie of plotting the reorganisation in the Group's affairs that led to Lyndale Foods Ltd going into administration.

More Awards finalists are revealed

It's been a hard-fought contest, but British Baker can now reveal the finalists in four more categories of our Baking Industry Awards 2008.

Companies oppose PGI protection for pasties

Greggs and Kerry Foods are to oppose plans to give Cornish pasties Protected Geographic Indication (PGI), preventing producers outside Cornwall from using the label.

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