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Front-of-pack nutritional labelling is one of the few catering legislations that bakery retailers usually don't have to worry about. And with food hygiene, staffing, taxes and other legal paperwork to deal with, it's an issue few would voluntarily add to their tasks.

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Who can possibly find pleasure in sitting down to write a market report on such an article as sugar, four or five days after the so-called Prosperity Egg has been hatched in America, and we still have to see what will result? Can we look for a cooing dove that means nothing, or a hen which will later be able to help others as well as Uncle Sam?

Baby cakes

UK cake maker Michelle Wibowo last week scooped a gong for Britain at the Patisserie Showpiece section of the International Culinary Olympics, with a lifesize dog-shaped sugar sculpture. We were equally impressed (and slightly disturbed) by this sped-up video of her making a life-like baby cake. tinyurl.com/6gvf5k

The genius of Dr Allinson

In these body-conscious, image-obsessed times, it's good to get some cosmetic tips from a nutritional guru who was convinced that beauty came from within a whole century before "Dr" Gillian McKeith.

Mouthing off

"We still think the sandwich will be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records because of all the evidence and footage that we will send them"

Marketing arms race

Bromley cabbie James Edwards has made a startling revelation that sheds some light on the high-fiving world of ad agency marketeers.

Going with the flow

Advances in flow-wrap technology are set to benefit bakery businesses, providing greater flexibility and ensuring high-quality display packs.

Fat under fire

Health may appear to be the driving force in bakery lately, but the main thing bakers are after when it comes to fats and oils is performance. After all, there is little point in producing pastry with an incredibly low fat content if it's going to taste like cardboard.

Pick up a panini

With the much talked-about credit crunch and economic downturn now setting in and the dreaded 'R' word about to reach our shores, consumers are having to be so much more careful about how they spend their hard-earned cash at lunchtimes, while still demanding to be well-fed and, most importantly, enjoying the same quality of food they did before hard times began to set in.

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