Mouthing off

"We're not taking the mick out of chavs, we love them. They don't mind being called chavs - they're proud of it and this is the drink for them. We always see them hanging round the town centre with their gold chains and baseball caps, eating sweeties and drinking energy drinks. We thought we would make the chavuccinos for a bit of a laugh - but they have turned out to be a huge hit"

The genius of Dr Allinson

When it comes to giving up cigarettes, forget your nicotine patches, inhalers, self-help books, hypnotism, therapy, rehab, acupuncture, homeopathy, blah blah blah. Don't be such a wuss - scratch out a week from the diary, lock the bedroom door, brace yourself and go cold turkey. It's that simple. On quitting smoking: "The best way to stop this injurious habit is to give it up suddenly. There will be a great craving and a feeling as if something were lost for four or five days, then the natural man will predominate, and health and comfort will be gradually restored."

Let the cookies decide

Growing voter apathy has long been a worry for politicians, so what better way to appeal to the disaffected - and to the collective sweet tooth of the US electorate - than to decide the presidential election outcome on the number of cookies people buy?

Sweet news


A question of taste

Chocolate has traditionally been seen as being something of an indulgence, but consumer demand for healthy alternatives has even stretched as far as this cocoa delight. As well as health, premium products are on the up, as is origin chocolate. So what new products are manufacturers and suppliers offering?

Wake up to the morning trade

It started with a few well-known chains offering breakfast muffins and pastries. But getting creative with breakfast can be a way to keep your cash tills ringing all day long. So whether it's savoury muffins made with cheese and courgettes, or a stock of homemade jam to accompany your fresh buttered toast, the breakfast trade can be a great way to keep your customers coming back for more.

Typhoo's across-the-board pitch

Tea brand Typhoo will work in partnership with Alan Ramsay Sales & Marketing (AR-SM), to futher access their convenience, foodservice and cash & carry channels.

Coca-Cola hooks up to the joy of text

Coca-Cola Great Britain has launched a media portal - the Diet Coke Silver Room, in a bid to appeal to a new generation of diet coke drinkers.

Refresco poised to acquire Bavaria's site

European producer of fruit juices and soft drinks, Refresco, and independent family brewery, Bavaria NV, have signed an agreement on the intended sale of Bavaria's soft drinks production site to Refresco.

Sales up for Irn-Bru maker A G Barr

A G Barr, maker of Irn-Bru, has revealed a turnover increase of 5.8% in its interim financial statement. Its turnover has risen to £82.4m for the six months to 26 July, despite the soggy summer season.

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