Bettys challenges name use for Cheesey Nibbles

Bettys Café Tea Rooms, based in Harrogate, Yorkshire, has lodged a complaint with the Patent's Office, after a local company starting selling a cheesey nibble using the name 'Betty'.

Rowe's brings in Savers sandwiches

Cornish baker W C Rowe is to launch a new line of products - Rowe's Savers - into its retail outlets to appeal to price-conscious consumers.

Farm-level costs could force up bread prices

Rises in "underlying costs at farm level", including energy and fuel, could force up bread prices in the longer term, according to Alex Waugh, chief executive of the National Association of British and Irish Millers (nabim).

Late payment relief urged for SMEs

As the economic downturn intensifies, small business groups are urging the government to do more to put a stop to late payments - a problem keenly felt by many bakeries.

Watch out for changes to grievance law

Businesses should be aware of changes to grievance procedures, warned legal expert Ray Silverstein, in a talk on employment law at the Bakers' Fair in Sheffield.

Bakery documentary wins acclaim

An 11-minute documentary about Garvald Edinburgh Bakery, which is staffed by people with learning disabilities, including Down's syndrome and autism, has won $75,000 (£46,000) at the Middle East International Film Festival, taking The Black Pearl for Best Documentary - Short Film.

Coffee shop market to continue rise, says study

The coffee shop market will continue to grow despite the credit crunch, with new data showing that the number of outlets in the UK increased by 15% in the 18 months to October.

Ferrari's closes down eight stores

South Wales-based, Ferrari's has closed eight of its bakery retail shops in response to the current economic climate. Its Mumbles, Porthcawl, Mountain Ash, Tredegar, Abertillery and one of its Bridgend shops were closed after trading on Saturday, 25 October. Further closures were seen at its shops in Abergavenny and Hereford after trading on Monday, 27 October.

Weight relaxation just for wrapped bread

Craft bakers selling unwrapped loaves cannot take advantage of the recent relaxation of bread weight laws, which abandons specified loaf quantities, because the new legislation only applies to packaged bread.

National skills academy edges closer to launch

The UK has taken a major step towards creating a bakery qualification to suit plant, craft and supermarket needs alike, as the pilot for a new bakery skills aca-demy gears up for launch early next year, subject to funding.

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