Espresso with the 'Special' touch

A new espresso machine from La Spaziale is available through Café du Monde.

Braby brings in silo service

Braby has launched a new silo cleaning, maintenance and inspection service.

'E' effect for water

Hoshizaki has launched a new chemical-free cleaning system, which takes ordinary tap water and transforms it into Alkaline 'E' Water and Acidic 'E' Water.

Consumer watch

== Food-to-go opportunity knocks ==

Unifine's pot shot at puds

Unifine Food & Bake Ingredients has launched a range of take-away puddings in pots for 2009. The collection of recipes is available in a free full-colour 28-page brochure, which comes with serving suggestions, as well as illustrations of each of the finished puddings.

Irish bakery holds its own in recessionary market

Bakery is more recession-resistant than other food, because consumers are unwilling to trade down, according to Irish food board Bord Bía.

Snowfalls bring mixed results for UK bakers

The recent snow caused problems for bakers up and down the country, as shops were forced to close. Yet some say they benefited from extra trade.

In the archives

Some enthusiastic advocates of bread-wrapping have suggested that if bread could be wrapped in an "oxygenless" atmosphere, it would be possible to keep wrapped bread indefinitely from going mouldy. The simplest and cheapest gas seems to be carbon-dioxide, and it is proposed that the bread-wrapping machine should be surrounded by an atmosphere of that gas. I have taken the trouble to look up the properties of carbon-dioxide gas and I learn that it is poisonous to breath. This seems to me to open an alarming vista of possibilities. Does it mean that, in the future, bakers will have to wear gas masks while engaged in the wrapping of bread? If it is poisonous to breathe, it looks as if we are going to add further to our trade's already overflowing cup of worries.

Politically in/correct

Stop the Week has yet to tire of the mileage that bakery retailers have been getting out of Barack Obama's election. So it is with some trepidation that we bring you this latest yin and yang instalment, which could provide the full-stop to the Obama-themed bakery saga. Call it a 'best practice guide' to event marketing, if you will, coupled with an 'crashingly awful, potentially criminal practice guide'.

Hot prospects

Purchasing an oven is not a straightforward process. It's rather like buying a house, or a car - you need to have a look at quite a few, always want to buy ones that are more expensive than you can afford and, once you've made your purchase, you hope you won't need to do it again for a long time.

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