Espresso with the 'Special' touch

A new espresso machine from La Spaziale is available through Café du Monde.

Braby brings in silo service

Braby has launched a new silo cleaning, maintenance and inspection service.

'E' effect for water

Hoshizaki has launched a new chemical-free cleaning system, which takes ordinary tap water and transforms it into Alkaline 'E' Water and Acidic 'E' Water.

Consumer watch

== Food-to-go opportunity knocks ==

Unifine's pot shot at puds

Unifine Food & Bake Ingredients has launched a range of take-away puddings in pots for 2009. The collection of recipes is available in a free full-colour 28-page brochure, which comes with serving suggestions, as well as illustrations of each of the finished puddings.

Irish bakery holds its own in recessionary market

Bakery is more recession-resistant than other food, because consumers are unwilling to trade down, according to Irish food board Bord Bía.

Snowfalls bring mixed results for UK bakers

The recent snow caused problems for bakers up and down the country, as shops were forced to close. Yet some say they benefited from extra trade.

In the archives

Some enthusiastic advocates of bread-wrapping have suggested that if bread could be wrapped in an "oxygenless" atmosphere, it would be possible to keep wrapped bread indefinitely from going mouldy. The simplest and cheapest gas seems to be carbon-dioxide, and it is proposed that the bread-wrapping machine should be surrounded by an atmosphere of that gas. I have taken the trouble to look up the properties of carbon-dioxide gas and I learn that it is poisonous to breath. This seems to me to open an alarming vista of possibilities. Does it mean that, in the future, bakers will have to wear gas masks while engaged in the wrapping of bread? If it is poisonous to breathe, it looks as if we are going to add further to our trade's already overflowing cup of worries.

Politically in/correct

Stop the Week has yet to tire of the mileage that bakery retailers have been getting out of Barack Obama's election. So it is with some trepidation that we bring you this latest yin and yang instalment, which could provide the full-stop to the Obama-themed bakery saga. Call it a 'best practice guide' to event marketing, if you will, coupled with an 'crashingly awful, potentially criminal practice guide'.

Hot prospects

Purchasing an oven is not a straightforward process. It's rather like buying a house, or a car - you need to have a look at quite a few, always want to buy ones that are more expensive than you can afford and, once you've made your purchase, you hope you won't need to do it again for a long time.

Springing into Easter

In the blink of an eye Christmas is gone, it's the New Year and the time of resolutions - eat less, drink less, and yes, now spend less. At some point between Christmas and the New Year the left-over mince pies do their disappearing acts to make way for the definitive mountains of hot cross buns. In Britain we're a bit thin on the ground as far as the choice of Easter baked goods are concerned, which surely must be a little commercially short-sighted. Why is there less innovation in breads and cakes at Easter than at Christmas?

Ovens at a glance

Sveba-Dahlen ovens and provers

Fact file

l Sveba-Dahlen makes rack ovens, deck ovens, pizza ovens, tunnel ovens and provers of all sizes

Swede success

Think of Swedish food and pickled herring and meatballs are bound to come to mind. The good news for Swedish bakers is that both these national delicacies are usually served with bread. Visit a Swedish restaurant and the table will likely feature a basket of various types of bread - from traditional rye to Continental specialities such as French sticks and Italian ciabattas.

At a glance

History: First opened in 1936 by Chris' father, before Chris joined in 1968. Chris' son Douglas is also a baker, working at The Cavan Bakery in Hampton, Middlesex

Beaney's top tips

l It pays to have several suppliers, so you can negotiate better deals. We buy our flour from ADM, Heygates and Marriages - it keeps them on their toes

Beaney's holds its nerve

Chris Beaney must be one of the few people left in the country with a good word to say about the banks. The owner of Beaney's Bakery in Strood, Kent, who is also currently President of the National Association of Master Bakers (NAMB), recently secured generous financial backing from his local Barclays to take over a shop and bakery in the nearby town of Snodland in West Malling. "My bank manager has been really supportive. I was surprised how keen he was to help out when I went to see him about buying the bakery," says Beaney.

What winning meant to us

"When you win something, my first feeling is for the staff, as it's fantastic for them, but my second is for the two companies that didn't win. Everyone did a fantastic job and we were very proud to be nominated, and to be recognised for doing a good job. However, it's all very well saying that we're the best, but now we've got to carry on being the best - I use it as a bit of a motivating tool."

View from the awards night

"It was the first time I had been to an awards night, but I felt very much at ease all evening, and I really did enjoy it. It was nice to meet people, because the baking industry is an incredible trade - you can still go to bed at night excited about what you're going to do the next day. One thought I had at the awards, when I looked around the room at everyone there, was: 'Blimey, I hope I can be as good as all of them'."

Cornish champion

Cornish baker WC Rowe had never competed for a Baking Industry Award before, but a mixture of curiosity, pride and belief spurred them on and 2008 saw the company triumph in the Bakery Supplier of the Year category. Distributing branded and own-brand to all the major multiples - Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Somerfield, as well as Supplier of the Year award sponsor Sainsbury's - the firm has a story to tell and one it wants people to hear.

Need to network

Forget websites and email, the latest online marketing tool is social networking, through sites such as Bebo and Facebook. Essentially online communities, where people communicate through their own personal web pages, social networks offer huge potential for companies keen to raise awareness of their brands.

Tributes to a streetwise gentleman

Tony died peacefully on Saturday 17 January 2009, following a short battle with a brain tumour, first diagnosed in August 2008.

Seasonal seller

Pineapples grow in Brazil, Paraguay, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Thailand, the Philippines and Africa. They are so-called because of their resemblance to pine cones.

In my world: the plant baker

John Foster is MD of Fosters Bakery in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, which supplies fresh and frozen products to major retailers, airlines and caterers

Bain-marie tops off display

Victor Manufacturing has added a bain-marie model to its Deli Topper range of display units. The new unit is available with a dry-heat well, which can take Gastronorm containers or tiled/glass inserts.

PFM aims for speed

A new multihead combination weigher, the MBP C1, is available from PFM Packaging Machinery.

Automatic answer to baking

A new automatic bread baking system has been launched by Bakefresh, under licence from bakery equipment firm Tom Chandley. The oven claims to reduce day-to-day waste and is available in five self-service models.

Ishida captures more data

Ishida Europe has developed a new data capture system for checkweighers in order to help production reporting procedures. The Ishida Data Capture System (IDCS) records data from packs weighed by up to 100 checkweighers and stores it on a secure database. It offers a range of reporting options, as well as identifying cost-saving opportunities, minimising product give-away and improving production efficiencies.

Future view

Martin Clayton, bakery specialist at Morrisons, shares his thoughts on the supermarket's goals for 2009

Future view

Costa's head of product development, Beverley Philips, shares her hopes and thoughts for the year ahead

BakeMark's new Rootz

BakeMark has brought out a new range of Fairtrade products under the Rootz brand, in time for Fairtrade Fortnight, which runs from 23 February to 8 March.

ADM: ready for romance

ADM Milling is introducing a cake mix to its product range to capitalise on Valentine's Day. Love Raspberry & Passionfruit Cake Mix has been designed to produce treats such as love-heart shaped cakes, as well as muffins, cupcakes, slices and squares. Bakers only need to add water and vegetable oil to the cake mix, which is available in 12.5kg bags.

Solo Cup's Bare essentials

Bare, the new range by Solo Cup Europe, consists of single-use products made from alternative resources. It uses sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging options, using recycled, compostable and post-consumer materials. The range includes PLA (polylactic acid)-coated paper hot cups, rPET tumblers, compostable drinks lids, PCF (post-consumer fibre) paper hot cups and rPET deli containers. Different size cups and containers are available. Solo Cup says the Bare range will be "constantly evolving".

Bigberry goes natural

Devon-based Bigberry, part of Extreme Drinks, is to launch its new look smoothies, available in Pineapple & Pear, Acai & Strawberry and Raspberry & Mango varieties. They contain no artificial colourings, preservatives, stabilisers or sweeteners and are packaged in 100% recyclable 250ml bottles.

Gluten-free assortment

ABO Artisan Bread Organic has launched Glutinis on the market. The gluten-free sandwich bread is sold in freezer tubs of 12 or bags of nine, and can be frozen and toasted on a panini toaster. Glutinis were initially launched on ABO's on-line shop in 2008, but have now been introduced into retail outlets nationwide.

National Starch takes on fat

Ingredients supplier National Starch Food Innovation has launched a new speciality starch for the reduced-fat cake market. This can be used by bakery manufacturers to create cakes using up to 75% less margarine, butter or shortening.

Win a top-of-the-range toaster with Kingsmill

'Wake up to Wholegrain' and set yourself up for the day with a breakfast that includes half or even all of your daily allowance of healthy whole grains.

Greggs powerhouse

Tesco opened its first Tesco Express outlet in October 2002 and now has 880. Not bad for six years' work.

Exchange tactics

It's not just British holiday-makers accustomed to flashing their cash on the Costa Brava that are crying into their bottles of San Miguel. The dramatic fall in the value of the pound just before Christmas, which saw it reach close to parity with the euro, is also worrying news for bakers in the UK, who are surprisingly reliant on their Continental cousins for equipment, ingredients and packaging.


Elizabeth Hyde, a solicitor at Eversheds LLP, on new health and safety legislation

Food in the news

The Food Standards Agency has been warning consumers not to eat certain peanut butter products from the US, due to a salmonella outbreak. There have so far been 474 reported cases across 43 different states. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a list of recalled products including various cookies and chocolate bars. The list includes Middlesex-based company Lärabar, which has recalled some of its own-brand Peanut Butter Cookie flavoured snack bars (51g) and Peanut Butter Cookie flavoured mini snack bars (21g).

Bakers face difficulties in passing on price rises

The baking industry has found it harder to pass on price increases caused by soaring commodity prices compared to other sectors of the food industry, because consumers are more aware of the retail price of bakery products.

Reporting in

== Bakery education in the UK ==

Callebaut sees ongoing sales growth

Chocolate and cocoa manufacturer Barry Callebaut has reported continuing sales growth for the first three months of fiscal 2008/09. The firm's sales volume grew by 2% and sales revenue rose by 7.2% in local currencies. However, growth in the reporting currency - CHF (Swiss francs) - was up by only 0.7% to CHF1,429.1m (£895.6m).

Welsh Hills bags Spanish contract

South Wales-based Welsh Hills Bakery has won a deal to supply Spanish retailer El Corte Inglés with its Lovemore gluten-free biscuits, cake slices and pastries.

British bakers anticipate a strong year for exports as sterling falls away

Bakery exporters are gearing up for a huge increase in orders from the Continent and North America, as the fall in the value of the pound makes their products more competitive compared to foreign rivals.

Vandemoortele divests soya division

Vandemoortele has decided to focus on its bakery (frozen bakery products) and lipids (fats and margarines) divisions and is preparing to sell off its soya foods division, Alpro.

In Short

== ADM in German buy ==

Fresh face for Forfars bakery chain

Brighton-based bakery chain Forfars is rebranding its shops as Forfars Fresh, in an effort to highlight its fresh and local credentials.

In Short

The construction of Greggs' new £16m North West bakery headquarters has been completed. The 75,000sq ft site in Openshaw, Manchester, is expected to be fully operational by March and will house Greggs' current staff at its Clayton plant. It will lead to some additional higher-skilled jobs in the bakery and more employment in local shops.

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