Need to network

Forget websites and email, the latest online marketing tool is social networking, through sites such as Bebo and Facebook. Essentially online communities, where people communicate through their own personal web pages, social networks offer huge potential for companies keen to raise awareness of their brands.

Tributes to a streetwise gentleman

Tony died peacefully on Saturday 17 January 2009, following a short battle with a brain tumour, first diagnosed in August 2008.

Seasonal seller

Pineapples grow in Brazil, Paraguay, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Thailand, the Philippines and Africa. They are so-called because of their resemblance to pine cones.

In my world: the plant baker

John Foster is MD of Fosters Bakery in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, which supplies fresh and frozen products to major retailers, airlines and caterers

Bain-marie tops off display

Victor Manufacturing has added a bain-marie model to its Deli Topper range of display units. The new unit is available with a dry-heat well, which can take Gastronorm containers or tiled/glass inserts.

PFM aims for speed

A new multihead combination weigher, the MBP C1, is available from PFM Packaging Machinery.

Automatic answer to baking

A new automatic bread baking system has been launched by Bakefresh, under licence from bakery equipment firm Tom Chandley. The oven claims to reduce day-to-day waste and is available in five self-service models.

Ishida captures more data

Ishida Europe has developed a new data capture system for checkweighers in order to help production reporting procedures. The Ishida Data Capture System (IDCS) records data from packs weighed by up to 100 checkweighers and stores it on a secure database. It offers a range of reporting options, as well as identifying cost-saving opportunities, minimising product give-away and improving production efficiencies.

Future view

Martin Clayton, bakery specialist at Morrisons, shares his thoughts on the supermarket's goals for 2009

Future view

Costa's head of product development, Beverley Philips, shares her hopes and thoughts for the year ahead

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