Tony Phillips

Tony Phillips, British Baker's columnist for many years, died on Saturday, 17 January. He had been ill since September.

UK bread prices drop down the world rankings

Anne Bruce

In Short

Newcastle-based craft baker Ian Thomson has been appointed chairman of the steering group for the proposed bakery arm of the National Skills Academy, replacing outgoing chair Dave Brooks, former MD of Finsbury Foods. Funding for the academy's pilot foundation course, due to launch in March, has also been agreed. Thomson runs a wholesale bakery and shop in Westerhope.

Starbucks’ woes continue with further store closures

Starbucks has announced plans to close a further 300 under-performing stores - 200 in the US and 100 internationally. However, details have yet to be released on whether UK stores will be affected.

Mouthing off

"Other kids get their cake. I get a hard time. It's not fair to my children. How can a name be offensive?"

Next issue 30 January

l Top 50 Bakery Retailers

In the archives

The power of the spoken word! In the world of today, with its telephones, microphones, gramophones and talking films, the importance of good speech is increasingly impressed upon us. The selling power of the spoken word may be far above that of the written word. Masters of the art of selling are well aware of this, and do not fail to exploit the advantage. We too must learn the lesson.

Baker Hansen bans handsets

As the UK gets set to relax rules on patients using mobile phones in hospital wards, bakers on the other side of the globe are doing the opposite - by banning mobiles in bakeries. The Australian reported on one, Sam Hansen, who has taken the bold step of banning mobile phones from her Sydney shop, Bakers Delight. The snapping point came after a trainee shopkeeper was hassled by a mobile-wielding customer for - perhaps unforgivably - enquiring what said shopper would like to purchase. "She yelled at him for interrupting her and then apologised to the person she was speaking to on the phone," Hansen is quoted as saying. "All he was doing was asking her how she was. We're not robots. We do have feelings."

New Zealander cashes in on a pitta Messiah

British Baker leaves no stone unturned in its quest for bakery enlightenment, which makes it all the more edifying to discover that heavenly powers now may be choosing bakery products as their vessel.

Super soups

On a cold winter's day there are few things more comforting than a hearty bowl of soup. And for a light summer lunch, a flavourful consommé or a healthy bisque can be the ideal alternative to a plain sandwich or meagre salad - not to mention as a snack at any time of the day, or to pad out smaller lunch bites with a heartier option.

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