Perfect your paninis

What can you do that's new with a panini? Good question. Speed up the delivery, perhaps? Experiment with flavours? Or how about selling one that doesn't dislodge your fillings?

A quest to invest

CSM's new Innovation Centre (IC) is all about... well, innovation. But what issues will the bakery supplier be looking at when it comes to long-standing products, such as cookies, brownies and doughnuts and how they can be developed? "Everybody knows there are doughnut rings and ball doughnuts, and everybody knows they can be iced, and decorated and so on, but what else can you do? What else is possible? For example, what about different shapes or different sizes?" These are the sorts of issues CSM will be looking at, explains IC and development director Kerstin Schmidt.

Get redundancy right

According to a recent survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and KPMG, employers who were holding off making redundancies have reconsidered their position as a result of deteriorating economic conditions.

Recipe: Galette des Rois

By craft baker Christophe Blond

Seasonal seller

Oranges are at their best at this time of year and there are many varieties to choose from. For example, the bitter Seville or marmalade orange, the somewhat gruesomely named, but delicious blood orange or navel orange are just a few and they can all be used creatively in baking.

In the market for... healthy living

By Wayne Caddy

In my world: the craft baker

Well, what a year 2008 has been. Shops up and down the high street have been, and are being, shaken and shaken. If the high street were a tree, then you could say that the dead branches have broken off, the leaves have long blown away and as for the fruit and blossom... are we done pruning?

Organix aims for children

Food company Organix has launched a range of organic biscuits for children. The No Junk range is now available in Sainsbury's and Waitrose, after initially launching in September 2008 in Morrisons and through the Ocado website.

Walkers' ray of sunshine

Walkers is aiming to boost the profile of its SunBites brand with a new flavour and on-pack promotion in the New Year.

Future view

"Against the background of a recession and acute financial problems, I would like to see a radical change in attitude within the banking industry towards bakers in particular. A greater understanding of the problems faced by bakers and a greater willingness to lend are needed, and I hope the many good businesses that are having problems with loans, for example, will be able to get these issues sorted out quickly.

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