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In Short

Get saucy

Sauces and dressings are not something that come instantly to mind when thinking about bakery, but they are an integral part of adding flavour - not to mention a point of difference - to a sandwich, wrap or a panini.

Sweet news for sweets?

Patisserie, Danish, Viennoiserie... they're all interchangeable titles for the same thing, aren't they? Well, sometimes, but you'd be best advised not to mix them up if you're doing a category analysis. According to one market analyst's definition, sales of one of those categories soared nearly 17% last year, while another dropped nearly a third and the remaining one fared pretty solidly.

Buttery bread with attitude

For various reasons, the idea of onion bread sometimes frightens consumers. But with Onion & Butter Bread, the butter reduces the impact of the onion.

Get your just desserts

This truly great-tasting dessert can be made so simply. Crème brûlée (burnt cream) is a smooth custard dessert with a caramelised sugar topping, often overlooked by bakers to sell, leaving it to the restaurateurs. If you have retail plus a coffee shop, you have two opportunities for a sale.

Create a stir with swirls

With Christmas out of the way let's roll out Easter! These innovative Easter Bun Swirls are ideal as ready-to-eat snacks, a major advantage over the ever-popular Hot Cross Bun.

Recipes & Ingredients

Welcome to this Special Feature on Recipes and Ingredients. Last week, some friends who live near Bromley in Kent, phoned me to say that the Saturday lunchtime queue stretched right outside their local baker's. That was music to my ears. I rather wished a TV crew had rushed round there and said something like: "It might be a recession, but look at how popular the local craft baker is!"

Franchise success

Jumping up six places in British Baker's Top 50 bakery retailers table this January, was UK coffee chain Coffee Republic. Currently at ninth place, up from 15 last year, the firm has seen massive expansion in the last year and shows no signs of slowing down.

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