Profits fall for Maple Leaf Bakery UK

Ontario-based Canada Bread has announced its UK subsidiary, speciality bread and bagel manufacturer Maple Leaf Bakery UK, has seen a drop in earnings for the first quarter to 31 March, 2009.

National Craft Bakers’ Week resources now online

National Craft Bakers’ Week is fast approaching and resources for teachers are now available here, for bakers to promote the role of the baker within their community.

Costa Coffee plans to offer meal deals

Costa Coffee’s sales have continued to increase, but meal deals may soon be on the menu as like-for-like growth slows. The company has said it will be developing its food offering with, for example, lunchtime meal deals such as a panini and a cappuccino for £4.95.

The Budget - help or hindrance?

There have been mixed reactions from business organisations following the Budget announcement last week. The Food and Drink Federaion (FDF) welcomes a number of the initiatives announced, but the Federation for Private Business (FPB) has said the government is not doing enough to help small businesses.

Caught on the web

l The sadly departed author JG Ballard was assistant editor on The Baker in 1956, then the official publication of the Institute of British Bakers and of the Institute of Irish Bakers... tinyurl.com/dgbtpv l Deep Fried Coke is taking off in the States with a calorie count equivalent to 10 slices of bread... tinyurl.com/2jnt7u l A thief managed to steal a spiral mixer in front of craft bakery staff and whizzed it off in his sports car... tinyurl.com/dfl7v6 l There's a 'National pineapple upside-down cake day'... tinyurl.com/d62wlj


And if you've had your fill of cupcakes, meaty or otherwise, you could always try dieting with these low-cal creations made, appetisingly, of cardboard. These cakes are the work of English artist Patianne Stevenson, based in Seattle - see www.patiannestevenson.com

Marzipan knits

You are surely dying to know the answer to the question 'how do you combine the twin retro obsessions of cupcakes and knitting in one fell swoop?' Well bait your breath no longer, because the answer lies with marzipan, as witnessed at veganyumyum.com. These cupcakes were baked for - what our American cousins quaintly call - a "Knit Night". They're now more commonly known by trendy types over here as "Bitch and Stitch" evenings.

In the BB Archives

The Lister Institute has published the results of experiments with rats, carried out on its behalf by Dr Harriet Chick, who came to the conclusion that ordinary white flour is inferior to wholemeal flour even when the deficiency of protein, minerals and vitamin B1 has been made good through fortification.

Landlord takes a sweetener

It's a time-worn tradition for rock stars to stipulate indulgent treats in their contracts to perform gigs - or "riders" as they're known - and their left-field demands often come to light under headlines like "Madonna insists on 50 cupcakes arranged in shape of her star sign, Leo" (not true, but it's surely a matter of time). Now news has reached Stop the Week that this practice is filtering down to civilians, specifically one retail landlord in New York who has requested a cupcake rider from his bakery tenant.

Meaty creations

Barely a week goes by without some tale of cupcake 'envelope pushing', and this week is no different, with US cupcake stories dominating our humble corner of BB.

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