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National Cupcake Week

September 14th - 19th

National Cupcake Week is a fantastic week-long extravaganza being organised by British Baker to celebrate this very special bakery product

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The aim of the week, held September 14-19 2009, is to draw customers’ attention to the many wonderful recipes and exotic toppings available for cupcakes and to tempt both new and existing customers to buy (at least) one during the week!

British Baker will be sending out branded posters to help bakers and cafes market the event. We will also be scouring the land to find the best cupcakes in the UK (see competition details below). The six best cupcakes will go on to represent one trading day of the week, with the champion cupcake representing a super-indulgent Saturday!

But that’s not all. A special window-dressing competition will also run nationally to promote cupcakes during the week and put bakers’ artistic talents to the test.

And British Baker will be organising a PR campaign to drive awareness of the week in the national media.

POS material now available for National Cupcake Week

Point-of-sale material is now available for you to display during National Cupcake Week. A branded A4 and A3 poster is downloadable, with space to add your own text. The National Cupcake Week logo is also available, so make sure you use them in your shops to generate consumer interest and to promote the week.

British Baker will also be sending out a branded poster on August 28 to bakeries and cafés who subscribe to British Baker.

Point Of Sale Material
The logo is available free for dowload usage by bakers, cafes and retail outlets to promote their participation in National Cupcake Week to consumers. Its download and use by any parties or companies other than the above or for promotion of products other than retail cupcakes sold to the consumer, requires the specific permission of British Baker.

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>> Window Dressing Contest

>> Cupcake Competition Winners


To find out more about National Cupcake week, please contact:

Andrew Williams
Tel: 01293 846592
E mail: andrew.williams@william-reed.co.uk

To discuss PR opportunities, please contact:

Susann Jerry
Tel: 020 7492 6925
E mail: susannjerry@bdpmedia.com

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Kingsmill achieves first with Carbon Trust label

Kingsmill has become the first UK bread brand to include the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction label on-pack. It will be used on Kingsmill’s Great Everyday White, Tasty Wholemeal and 50/50 sub-brands from the end of June.

Extra funding agreed for adult bakery apprentices in Scotland

Additional funding has been agreed to try and increase the number of adult apprentices in Scotland in areas such as bakery.

The move follows consultation between sector skills council Improve and Skills Development Scotland (SDS), and will see 400 adult apprentice places offered at food and drink companies. It follows the Scottish government’s decision to remove age restrictions on funding for Modern Apprenticeships (MAs).

Lawd luv 'em

God bless Americans' grasp of historical accuracy. A new game for the PC, Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe, has been released. It is a time management game in which players do everything from baking bread to constructing sandwiches and replenishing drinks. The story is said to begin with "the creation of the very first sandwich in England". Elise, "the sandwich inventor's" niece (look him up on Wikipedia!), decides to sell the sandwich in a shop. Delightfully ahead of its time, the shop serves bobbies on the beat, among others (sadly, the modern police force was not founded until the century following the invention of the sandwich).

Let sleeping Jaffas lie

Oh, woe betide thee who dabbles in the dark arts and invokes a sleeping demon. In a clear act of evil-doing, The Guardian's website provocatively reopened the whole Jaffa Cake debate on its forums. "It turns out that what the readers of Comment is Free really want to debate is not the European elections or the global economic crisis, but baked goods, specifically the infamous question:'Is a Jaffa Cake a biscuit or a cake?'" it wrote. Stop the Week thought this thorny question had been put to rest when the law courts ruled their inherent cakiness. How wrong could we be? Here is just a sample of the reponses, which ran to an alarming seven pages. Serves The Guardian right.

Continuous process

A visit to an industrial bakery in Britain will usually reveal that its processing lines are continuous, from the make-up plant through to packaging. However, it is not often that you encounter a continuous or fully automated batch mixing system, although there are rare exceptions.

Bits and pieces

The use of fruits, nuts and seeds in bakery continues to be an ever-popular trend and, despite the increase in the price of ingredients, one that looks set to continue. Fruits such as sultanas, currants and raisins have remained mainstays in bakery over the years and have been joined by alternatives, such as cranberries. So why should bakers use these ingredients in their products?

Plant flies in for Birds

Birds supplies its 53 shops with more than 15 varieties of bread from its Ascot Drive bakery. Production stops at 3am on Saturday mornings and starts up again at 6pm on Sunday evenings, so installing new equipment is a challenge in time management.

Rent review

Landlords are a much-maligned breed, exemplified by Alexei Sayle's Harry the Bastard in The Young Ones, who would regularly pop up to put his jackboot through his tenants' TV, proclaiming, "That's £700 you owe me!" But the tables are being turned on the Harrys of commercial property, who have grown accustomed to dictating terms and demanding rent increases.

Sandwich forum

BA: In the morning, Upper Crust serves a breakfast menu which includes soft bake rolls. This then changes to its lunchtime offering, which includes pizza baguettes and 'Great British Roast' baguettes.


Dear Editor,

Spice rack: Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are perhaps most widely recognised as one of the main flavourings in gin. These spicy, aromatic, small purplish-black berries can be used fresh or dried, crushed or whole. They come from a small evergreen bush and have a flavour reminiscent of pine and only a small amount is needed to impart flavour. They are often used in marinades, casseroles and pâtés. To make a coarse pâté en croute marinade chunks of pork, rabbit, duck or game with a little wine, juniper berries and other flavourings before wrapping in pastry and baking. However, although they are more often found in savoury dishes there is no reason at all why they cannot be added to sweet baking - they are very good added to a rich fruitcake mixture, for example. The berries should be crushed in a pestle and mortar before use.

Trade snapshot

Recession? What recession! Any suggestions that craft bakery might be feeling the bite of the economic downturn were put on hold at the recent Bako London & South East open day, as a record turnout of suppliers and customers celebrated the wholesaler's 50th anniversary.

In my world

While the current high UK unemployment figures, 2.5m and rising, cause any amount of misery and hardship to those directly involved and their families, they do provide a real opportunity for the baking industry. It is an unfortunate fact that, historically, when unemployment reaches these heights, recruitment does become easier and brings a higher-calibre person into our range.

Tyrrells acts on impulse

Crisp manufacturer Tyrrells has launched an alternative range of impulse snacks. Tyrrells Alternatives include 80g Roasted Chilli Corn, 80g Habas Fritas Spiced Broad Beans, 50g Wasabi Peanuts and 50g Thai Chilli Crackers. Following market research, the range has been developed with convenience, packaging appeal, innovative seasonings and margin enhancement opportunities in mind.

Waitrose adds designer wedding cakes to range

Cake baker Fiona Cairns has launched a collection of bespoke wedding cakes in Waitrose. The rose petal design will be available in three different colours, including white with flame orange, pink and red petals. The three-tiered cakes have a cascading petal design and are available in three variations: fruit cake; vanilla sponge with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream; or chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream cake tiers. Rose petal celebration cakes and fairy cakes are also available. Another launch is the Vintage Fairytale range, which features a three-tiered wedding cake with sugarpaste antique pink roses and rosebuds, butterflies, gold dragées and fabric hydrangeas. The Carousel wedding cake features a top-tier cake above two tiers of 42 fairy cakes.

Fresh! offers tarts to go

Fresh! Naturally Organic launched a new range of tarts for the food-to-go and chilled ready-to-eat categories in Sainsbury's earlier this month. The range, available in over 190 stores, features two 135g single-serve tarts and a 400g tart. Broccoli and Stilton and Goat's Cheese and Onion Marmalade come in the 135g format and Bacon, Caramelised Onion and Roast Tomato are offered in the 400g format.

Oats a find for Ireks

Ireks is marketing a new product, Avena Oat Bread, inspired by the historical importance of oats. The new bread mix contains more than 60% oats, an ingredient that Ireks says is being rediscovered more and more by consumers.

Fudges singles out foodservice

Family-run biscuit company Fudges has launched new single-serve sweet and savoury biscuits for the foodservice sector. The individual packs are being targeted at cafés, hotels, offices, canteens and airline catering. Fudges saw its products take off for the first time on a BA flight in March this year.

Unifine takes on new fond

Unifine has launched a lime and ricotta cheese fond as part of its Sucrea range. The fond comes in powder form, which then needs to be blended with 1kg of whipped cream and water to produce a Bavarois-style mix for desserts, gateaux and patisserie.

Marketing insight Healthy food on the go

Picture this: You've left home without eating breakfast and, on the way to your second or third meeting, you realise that if you don't grab something now, you won't eat until dinner. Does this sound familiar? Or, more importantly, is this what your customers experience throughout the week? Fortunately for bakery retailers, the answer is "yes!" and therein lies your opportunity to sell them the breakfast, lunch and snacking products they need.

Spiral style for Pantheon

Pantheon has launched a new range of heavy-duty, dual-speed spiral mixers, targeted at bakeries and pizza restaurants. They are capable of kneading all types of dough and are suitable for bread products, cakes and pizzas.

UBUK extends Go Ahead! offer

United Biscuits (UBUK) has launched its new range, Go Ahead! Oat Squares, this month, designed to capitalise on the trend for healthier products. The soft baked bars come in two varieties - Apple & Blackberry and Mixed Berry - and are made using oats, sultanas and fruit-flavoured pieces. The individually wrapped bars will be sold in packs of five and are being targeted as lunchbox accompaniments and for snacking on-the-go. Nick Stuart, commercial manager, UBUK said the product will provide consumers "with a baked alternative to the existing range of Go Ahead! snacks".

Livwell adds a pain au chocolat

Subsidiary of Finsbury Food group Livwell has added a gluten- and wheat-free pain au chocolat to its range. Livwell produces gluten-, wheat- and milk-free products including cakes, muffins, biscuits, bagels, pancakes, pies and puddings. The pain au chocolat will be available from selected Waitrose stores and direct from the bakery.

Dried fruit pricing

Coconut: The link between coconuts and crude oil pricing is incredibly close. Crude oil pricing strengthened in early April and coconut pricing also rose. With pricing correcting downwards in the second half of April, coconuts tracked the same trend.


The total amount of wheat milled in the UK has increased by 2.2% for the crop-year to date, according to the latest national statistics released by Defra. The figure for the 43 weeks to 25 April 2009 stood at 5,032 thousand tonnes (tt), compared to 4,923tt for the comparable period last year. However, figures for the four weeks to 25 April, showed the total amount milled fell by 3.4% to 477tt compared with the figures for April 2008.

Reporting in Industry-wide promotions

The promotion of the craft bakery sector through industry-wide initiatives is not new, but seems to be gaining momentum and this is a very welcome development.

Frozen desserts experience healthy growth

Sales of frozen desserts are growing at the expense of chilled alternatives, according to the latest research from Mintel. Sales increased by 4% in 2008 and are set to increase by a further 5% over the next year, said the market analyst. This could potentially mean the market would be worth £284m by the end of 2009.

Organic bread wins in green stakes, finds study

A new study has claimed that the environmental impact of the production, packaging and distri- bution of organic bread is far less than that of conventional bread, with organic bread emitting as much as a quarter less CO2 into the atmosphere.

Morrisons gets the jump on salt targets

Morrisons is using new bakery improvers in its in-store bread to meet the Food Standards Agency's 2012 salt targets ahead of schedule.

Sweet bakery goods enjoy buoyant exports

UK exports of cakes and sweet biscuits increased significantly in 2008, according to the latest report by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), as the low value of the pound made UK products more competitive overseas. The data, supplied by Leatherhead Food International, showed exports of UK biscuits shot up 15.3% to £203.9m and cakes were also buoyant, up 12% to £156.5m.

In Short

== RGFC sees sales up ==

Charity to hold family open day

The Bakers' Benevolent Society (BBS) is holding a family open day, following the success of its 150th anniversary open day last year.

Shift to pole-and-line fish could cause difficulties

Pret A Manger and M&S' commitment to using sustainably caught tuna in sandwiches is likely to lead to supply problems, as fishermen struggle to meet the sudden switch in demand.

In Short

== Sigep challenge ==

Manchester to host 2009 fair

Bakers' Fair 2009 will take place at Manchester's Armitage Centre on Sunday 4 October. Organised by British Baker, the show is free to attend and aims to provide inspiration and ideas for your business, as well as the chance to make important contacts.

Warburtons uses LOAF

Staff at Warburtons' Enfield Bakery are to benefit from a new learning centre called LOAF. The Learning Opens Avenues Forever centre is designed to encourage staff to take up further education courses online. It was officially opened by MP for Enfield North Joan Ryan, accompanied by executive director Brett Warburton.

Defra 'best-before' plan could fall foul of EU law

The government's controversial idea to phase out 'best-before' dates to reduce food wastage could be scuppered by EU regulations, which specify that such labelling is mandatory.

In Short

== FoB revises code on bread weights ==

'Easy treat' cupcakes see 22% surge in sales

The popularity of cupcakes shows no sign of abating, with the category overtaking flapjacks to rival cookies in the total cake market following a 22% increase in value sales in the past 12 months.

Diploma offers alternative path to bakery training

A new qualification will allow 14- to 19-year-olds to study voca-tional courses in food and drink, including bakery, while still in school and college.

Tesco deal turns to profit for Brogans

Irish bakery Brogans is set to break through the profit barrier for the first time in three years, following a deal to supply additional muffin lines to Tesco stores in the UK.

Bakers take craft skills into schools

Schoolchildren up and down the country had the opportunity to become bakers for the day, as National Craft Bakers' Week took bakery into the classroom.

Craft Bakers' Week claims national success

The inaugural National Craft Bakers' Week caught the country's imagination last week, with strong radio, TV and newspaper coverage and a surge in footfall at high street bakery shops.

In Short

== Richemont places ==

l to r: Mark Grant and Robin Jones
  (Photo:  )

Village Bakery announces North Wales Tesco deal

The Village Bakery, based in Minera, near Wrexham, is to see nine of its lines stocked in 11 Tesco stores in North Wales, after clinching a deal with the supermarket.

The lines on offer include white and brown bread, barm cakes, fruit scones and tea cakes, and the firm has said it hopes to expand on the nine-strong range in the future.

Finsbury acquires Vogel manufacturer Goswell Bakeries

Finsbury Foods’ subsidiary, Nicholas & Harris, has acquired the entire issued share capital of Goswell Enterprises for £2.2 million in cash.

Goswell supplies branded licensed speciality breads, such as Vogel and Cranks, to a number of major supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. Sales for the year to October 2008 stood at £5.4m and pro forma EBIT for the comparable period was £0.4m.

Pieminister to launch new pies for the festival season

Festival regulars Pieminister will once again be pitching their tent at this summer’s music festivals and is to launch three new pies in celebration of the season.

Costa’s sales continue to grow

Costa Coffee is still seeing sales growth despite “harsh economic conditions”, announced parent company Whitbread yesterday.

La Boulangerie strikes gold, silver and bronze

La Boulangerie, the bread and patisserie speciality business division of wholesaler Brakes, won a number of awards at the British Frozen Food Federation awards held earlier this month.

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