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National Cupcake Week

September 14th - 19th

National Cupcake Week is a fantastic week-long extravaganza being organised by British Baker to celebrate this very special bakery product

>> Cupcake Competition Winners

The aim of the week, held September 14-19 2009, is to draw customers’ attention to the many wonderful recipes and exotic toppings available for cupcakes and to tempt both new and existing customers to buy (at least) one during the week!

British Baker will be sending out branded posters to help bakers and cafes market the event. We will also be scouring the land to find the best cupcakes in the UK (see competition details below). The six best cupcakes will go on to represent one trading day of the week, with the champion cupcake representing a super-indulgent Saturday!

But that’s not all. A special window-dressing competition will also run nationally to promote cupcakes during the week and put bakers’ artistic talents to the test.

And British Baker will be organising a PR campaign to drive awareness of the week in the national media.

POS material now available for National Cupcake Week

Point-of-sale material is now available for you to display during National Cupcake Week. A branded A4 and A3 poster is downloadable, with space to add your own text. The National Cupcake Week logo is also available, so make sure you use them in your shops to generate consumer interest and to promote the week.

British Baker will also be sending out a branded poster on August 28 to bakeries and cafés who subscribe to British Baker.

Point Of Sale Material
The logo is available free for dowload usage by bakers, cafes and retail outlets to promote their participation in National Cupcake Week to consumers. Its download and use by any parties or companies other than the above or for promotion of products other than retail cupcakes sold to the consumer, requires the specific permission of British Baker.

Click here to download

A3 poster
A4 poster
National Cupcake Week logo: jpeg or eps

>> Window Dressing Contest

>> Cupcake Competition Winners


To find out more about National Cupcake week, please contact:

Andrew Williams
Tel: 01293 846592
E mail: andrew.williams@william-reed.co.uk

To discuss PR opportunities, please contact:

Susann Jerry
Tel: 020 7492 6925
E mail: susannjerry@bdpmedia.com

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Kingsmill achieves first with Carbon Trust label

Kingsmill has become the first UK bread brand to include the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction label on-pack. It will be used on Kingsmill’s Great Everyday White, Tasty Wholemeal and 50/50 sub-brands from the end of June.

Extra funding agreed for adult bakery apprentices in Scotland

Additional funding has been agreed to try and increase the number of adult apprentices in Scotland in areas such as bakery.

The move follows consultation between sector skills council Improve and Skills Development Scotland (SDS), and will see 400 adult apprentice places offered at food and drink companies. It follows the Scottish government’s decision to remove age restrictions on funding for Modern Apprenticeships (MAs).

Lawd luv 'em

God bless Americans' grasp of historical accuracy. A new game for the PC, Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe, has been released. It is a time management game in which players do everything from baking bread to constructing sandwiches and replenishing drinks. The story is said to begin with "the creation of the very first sandwich in England". Elise, "the sandwich inventor's" niece (look him up on Wikipedia!), decides to sell the sandwich in a shop. Delightfully ahead of its time, the shop serves bobbies on the beat, among others (sadly, the modern police force was not founded until the century following the invention of the sandwich).

Let sleeping Jaffas lie

Oh, woe betide thee who dabbles in the dark arts and invokes a sleeping demon. In a clear act of evil-doing, The Guardian's website provocatively reopened the whole Jaffa Cake debate on its forums. "It turns out that what the readers of Comment is Free really want to debate is not the European elections or the global economic crisis, but baked goods, specifically the infamous question:'Is a Jaffa Cake a biscuit or a cake?'" it wrote. Stop the Week thought this thorny question had been put to rest when the law courts ruled their inherent cakiness. How wrong could we be? Here is just a sample of the reponses, which ran to an alarming seven pages. Serves The Guardian right.

Continuous process

A visit to an industrial bakery in Britain will usually reveal that its processing lines are continuous, from the make-up plant through to packaging. However, it is not often that you encounter a continuous or fully automated batch mixing system, although there are rare exceptions.

Bits and pieces

The use of fruits, nuts and seeds in bakery continues to be an ever-popular trend and, despite the increase in the price of ingredients, one that looks set to continue. Fruits such as sultanas, currants and raisins have remained mainstays in bakery over the years and have been joined by alternatives, such as cranberries. So why should bakers use these ingredients in their products?

Plant flies in for Birds

Birds supplies its 53 shops with more than 15 varieties of bread from its Ascot Drive bakery. Production stops at 3am on Saturday mornings and starts up again at 6pm on Sunday evenings, so installing new equipment is a challenge in time management.

Rent review

Landlords are a much-maligned breed, exemplified by Alexei Sayle's Harry the Bastard in The Young Ones, who would regularly pop up to put his jackboot through his tenants' TV, proclaiming, "That's £700 you owe me!" But the tables are being turned on the Harrys of commercial property, who have grown accustomed to dictating terms and demanding rent increases.

Sandwich forum

BA: In the morning, Upper Crust serves a breakfast menu which includes soft bake rolls. This then changes to its lunchtime offering, which includes pizza baguettes and 'Great British Roast' baguettes.

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