Johnstone’s Bakers trebles turnover

Johnstone’s Bakers has announced that its turnover has more than trebled since 2007 following a major investment in a state-of-the-art factory.

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The Ring cycle?

Bakery warehouse supervisor Dave Barnes was told by his wife he'd have to retake his wedding vows after losing his wedding ring at work and that 'threat' triggered a UK-wide hunt by his bosses and workmates.

Creating a new life for leftovers

Who said students learn nothing at university any more? Tesco's Laura Fagan appears to be carving out a niche for herself developing morning-after-leftovers sarnies. Her latest contribution to Britain's biggest retailer's shelves is the lasagne sandwich inevitably dubbed the Lasarnie by the News of the World. Last year, Fagan was behind Tesco's cold fish finger sandwich. Attempts to taste-test this delight were thwarted after it sold out in our local store.

National Cupcake Week Top 5 spots:

1. The latest trend is ice cream-themed cupcakes: bit.ly/cva37p

Home-spun handiwork

One book we're unlikely to be reviewing is Knitted Cakes by Devon-based textiles author-cum-time-waster Susan Penny, which features a "mouth-watering" selection of mohair muffins and furry fairy cakes.

Tap into the munch bunch

For bakeries and cafés, the crisps and snacks market, worth £2.6bn in 2009 according to Mintel, can be a lucrative part of their business.

Brave new world

Reformulation has resulted in overall salt reductions of up to 50% in many of the UK's most popular brands of cakes and biscuits since February 2006. And the sector has also been proactive on reducing artificial colours and trans fats, but sat fat reduction remains a challenge.

Fruitful offering

Getting customers through the bakery door on a warm summer's day involves some temptations away from the usual breads and morning pastries. Fresh fruit traybakes, fresh from the oven so the sweet aroma hangs in the shop air, is one approach used more in other countries and I'm thinking it's time we used more fresh fruit in British bakeries.

Softly SOFHTe

It's yet to be seen whether deputy PM Nick Clegg's stated aim of burning through bureaucracy will be a bonfire of red tape or as the cynics might predict a kindling that doesn't catch. But one baker has lit the touchpaper on her filing cabinet and, in so doing, has become the first to benefit from a new supplier accreditation scheme aimed at small businesses.

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