Italian innovation

When it comes to bakery companies, there are famous brand names, family names and quite a few foreign-sounding names. However, it's not often one comes across a name so startlingly simple as Bakery and ironically the company is Italian.

Moonlight sonata

From steel worker to cake maker not exactly a likely career progression more like chalk and cheese. However, Lightbody Celebration Cakes' David McClymont proved that this unusual career path can indeed be a winning one after being crowned Celebration Cake Maker of the Year, sponsored by Renshawnapier, at the Baking Industry Awards last year.


I joined The Bakery School online with a year's subscription, and also registered three of my staff members to complete the training. I would like to say what a good learning tool this has been for us. We are situated relatively remotely, so attending a college is fairly unrealistic for us, but the online school has definitely filled the void, and more. Not only have the modules been informative and helpful, the support offered by the school has been fantastic.

Book Review

Cake: a global history

Trade snapshot: Olympics 2012

Baker Sarah Gayton has issued a call to all small artisan bakers to stand up and be counted when the Olympic organisers come to awarding food contracts. She commis-sioned special Olympian Oatie mugs and sent them to David Cameron and Nick Clegg along with her biscuits to remind them of their commitment to a sustainable legacy.

Traditionals with a twist ROCK Buns by Fiona Burrell

These delicious little cakes suffer from having a name which makes them sound unappetising. In fact they are like a crumbly version of fruit scones and are delicious. They evoke childhood memories of baking at home or at school. They look quirky and distinctive against other cakes, buns and scones.

Brand clinic: Using equities

Don Williams, CEO of brand and design consultacy Pi Global, looks at the pointers or 'equities' that make your brand stand out

In my world

Umer Ashraf is a young entrepreneur who owns the Glasgow-based iCafé chain of shops, as well as smoothie and juice bar Paradise Bay, in Oban, Scotland

Firms fight infection risk

CMC DayMark, in partnership with Steroplast Healthcare, has launched the Clinell range of infection control products for foodservice operators.

i-focus finds new flavour

Glacéau vitaminwater has launched a strawberry and kiwi variant, called i-focus. It contains Vitamins A, B and C and is available in a 500ml bottle.

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