Cargill combines formulations for texture

Cargill's new texture solutions combining pectin and starch are usable in all types of bakery fillings.

Building barriers

Paper-based packaging manufacturer Smurfit Kappa has developed a barrier coating for food packaging that is both water- and grease-resistant. It is made from a non-hazardous opaque water-based liquid, which when dried forms an inert translucent film. The firm said the technology will enable packaging containing frozen foods or hot and cold greasy snacks to be made from corrugated cardboard, inside of metal or plastic. The coating will then prevent moisture from penetrating the cardboard surround. Smurfit Kappa said the coating is now being trialled by a major supermarket for use with its hot baked goods.

July in-store: the 5-a-day challenge and the 'Easy 3'

Barley is back

German milling company Kampffmeyer Food Innovation has reintroduced an ancient barley variety Stone Age barley flakes.

Healthy bite

Munchy Seeds is hoping to bring it latest offering Crunchy Bites to high-street bakeries. The snack is available in handy 30g packs, as well as 250g and 500g snack tubs.

Age-old argument

Arkady Ancient Cereals is a new concept bread mix from CSM United Kingdom, which combines ancient cereals einkorn, emmer and spelt to create a fresh take on rustic ingredients.

Stifling the grass roots?

It goes against the grain, but some small bakers are effectively being priced out of getting organic certification.

Report HGCA Planting and Variety Crop Survey 2010

The planting of wheat in Britain has increased in area by 10% compared to last year's figures, according to the HGCA's Planting and Variety Survey for the 2010 crop. Conducted by the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board's cereals and oilseeds team, it revealed wheat planting has risen from 1.803m hectares (ha) to 1.992m ha, with the Group 4 wheat variety now making up over half (51%) of the total wheat produced in the UK. Group 1 plantings, the varieties that produce consistent milling and baking performance, were up 1%, to 17% of total wheat plantings. However AHDB senior cereals and oilseeds analyst Michael Archer said Group 1 plantings were up by 10% in the south east. Group 3 plantings, which contain soft varieties for cake flours for example, were 4% down.

Food in the news

l World salt talks have been taking place in London. A salt reduction forum, hosted by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the World Health Organization, looked at what is necessary to set up a successful salt reduction strategy. The link to the report will be made available on the FSA's website: food.gov.uk.

Reporting in Alarm bells ring in sandwich industry

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