24 November, 1933: The Man on the Moon's Weekly Tips 2 - Farls

The farl is a brown loaf, aerated chemically, shaped similarly to scones, only four times the size. Volume is not attained by adding excess baking powder, but by thoroughly mellowing the gluten. Try out this recipe it should give the finest brown loaf you have ever made:


Cake of the week goes to Gardners Bakery in Kingsthorpe, who baked this cheeky number for ITV's Loose Women in celebration of National Craft Bakers' Week. And no, the miserable sods didn't mention it on air. Gardners had more success with BBC Radio Northampton's Bernie Keith, who raved about his specially made cake within five minutes of receiving it. We're presuming it didn't depict the radio presenter exposing himself too.

Mouthing off

"Herbert entrusts me with the 'secret' recipe. In truth, it's simple, containing just three ingredients: smelt flour, which gives the bread a lovely nutty flavour; Cornish sea salt and water"

Mexican stand-off

Your Olivers, Blumenthals and Ramsays have hogged the TV schedules for long enough. The bakery trade has been crying out for its own superstar. Now she's arrived. All hail Angela Maher for her jaw-dropping appearance on Mary Queen of Shops last week.


Rory Bowman

Planning ahead

Sunday 27 June, Melton Big Bake

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Robert Done, head of sales & marketing UK, Tromp Bakery Equipment

Improved selection

For bakers looking to maximise on technology, premixes and improvers continue to offer a cost-effective method to develop on-trend products with a healthy shelf-life. Last year's recession saw some talk of bakers returning to baking from scratch to cut costs, but for most, the consensus emerged that to bake the best products, good premixes and improvers are a must-have.

Make a deposit

So, you have goods to deposit or extrude, but what's the

Collaborative strength

Successfully implementing a global project for Starbucks to standardise its muffin range was, understandably, one of the main achievements Rich Products highlighted to judges in the Sainsbury's-sponsored Bakery Supplier of the Year category. But it was also its family culture and its focus on collaboration with its customers, which saw it walk away with the gong at the Baking Industry Awards 2009.

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