Group therapy

Next week marks the first-ever Co-operatives Fortnight (19 June to 3 July 2010). I know what some of you are thinking: crusty Guardian-reading weirdos and this, smiles Dan McTierman of co-operative The Handmade Bakery, is probably what the neighbouring butcher thinks when he drops round a copy of his British Baker to help out this fledgling start-up.

Raising the bar

I can now declare Sainsbury's Bakery College officially open, said regional MD Anthony Hemmerdinger or words to that effect, as three bakery apprentices held up the red ribbon and bread chain, cut on 26 May.

Brand clinic: What's in a name?

Don Williams, CEO of brand and design consultancy Pi Global discusses the intricacies of brand naming and the importance of getting it right

Traditionals with a twist Citrus tarts by Fiona Burrell

Lemon tarts have become very popular and are based on the classic French recipe Tarte au Citron, which tastes so fresh and tangy that it is impossible to imagine the calories hidden inside.

BB Open Letter

Translating sustainability

In my world

Jo Fairley is co-owner of Judges organic bakery and grocery shop in Hastings and co-founded and sold Green & Black's chocolate firm, with hubby Craig Sams

A crisp take on the Med

Crisp manufacturer Darling Spuds has added a new flavour to its portfolio. In a bid to capture a taste of the Mediterranean, the sun-ripened tomato, green olive and oregano flavour joins its gluten-free crisps range.

Excel boosts label offer

Excel Labels is offering customers 18 free rolls of labels for every 100 rolls purchased, until the end of June, to mark its 18th birthday.

Pasty play

Crantock Bakery has launched an "un-Cornish" pasty in reponse to customer demand. The Crantock Armadillo marks a new style of pasty, as it is top-crimped, rather than crimped along the side.

Making washing easier

Hobart Independent has said it can offer even more ware-washing solutions through its national dealer network, via its extended Ecomax range. This includes three glasswashers, two front-loading dishwashers and three pass-through dishwashers, and caters specifically for small to medium-sized businesses.

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