Should you always be honest with references?

Not all poorly performing employees have to be managed out of a business by an employer some leave of their own accord. When they do, their appalling timekeeping and dreadful attitude are usually quickly forgotten. But it is probably inevitable that they will move on to worry another unsuspecting employer.

Technical Advice

Richard Stevenson, technical manager at NAMB, answers members' queries on food and trading law and other business issues

When religion and work are in conflict

Employers must not discriminate against employees on the grounds of their religion or belief. But, as with a recent incident that involved a Muslim bus driver, what happens if faith gets in the way of running your business?

No 'trial periods'

It doesn't matter how careful you are, an employee can turn out to be a disaster. For a new hire, they might look good on paper and perform well at interview, but as soon as they take up the role, they may fall short of the mark.

Paternity leave

On 6 April 2010, new fathers were granted additional paternity leave and pay rights. They can now take up to six months off. So how is this supposed to work in practice and is it something you need to worry about now?

Local sandwich bars “unsustainable”

Independent sandwich bars and cafes finding it hard to put sustainability on the menu, faced with increasing pressures that prevent them from offering either healthy or sustainable products, states a new report.

National Cupcake-off kicks off!

The hunt is officially on to find Britain's Best Cupcake Baker 2010. Cake specialists, craft and in-store bakeries across the UK are invited to enter the competition to find the nation’s most outstanding cupcake baker.

MEPs reject proposal for bakers to sell by number

MEPs have rejected the inclusion of a provision in the Food Information Regulation (FIR) directive, which would allow bakers in the EU selling wrapped products by number to continue doing so, following a vote at the European Parliament yesterday (16 June).

EU rejects traffic light food labelling

MEPs have thrown out a proposal for ‘traffic light’ values on food packaging, but have backed plans for food labels that feature mandatory nutritional information, defeating the UK Food Standards Agency’s wish to see traffic light labelling adopted universally.

Union to ballot staff at Maple Leaf for strike

Staff at the Maple Leaf bakery plant in Walsall are to be balloted on industrial action, following a breakdown in negotiations over pay rates.

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