Atkins diet is back

The low-carbohydrate Atkins diet, which encourages followers to virtually give up eating bread, has been relaunched, with a new book outlining a revised version of the diet and a £200,000 campaign in national newspapers promoting Atkins food products.

Sales of bread in the UK suffered at the height of the Atkins craze in 2003, when it was estimated that up to three million Brits were following the diet, which advises people to cut carbohydrates and increase protein intake.

Interest subsided after health warnings about the diet surfaced in the media, but a new book, entitled New Atkins, New You, aims to revive its popularity by revising the rules of the original Atkins diet to make it more flexible and easier to follow.

To coincide with the book, Atkins Nutritionals has launched a £200,000 marketing campaign to promote its range of low-carb products. Adverts have been placed in national newspapers, including The Times, The Daily Mail and The Observer and PR company Tangerine has been hired to promote the range.

However, the Flour Advisory Bureau criticised the diet. “The New Atkins diet is an attempt to resuscitate a damaged brand; it would appear that ‘new’ Atkins is very similar to ‘old’ Atkins, with the same requirement to avoid carbohydrate in the initial phase,” said a spokesperson.

“Although the new Atkins diet addresses some of the problems associated with the original diet, there is no scientific evidence to support the exclusion of white bread from the diet or to suggest that eating white bread is more likely to be linked with weight problems.”

Earlier this year the British Dietetic Association listed the Atkins diet in their top 10 fad diets to avoid.

Warburtons buys North East Bakery site

Warburtons has announced the purchase of North East Bakery’s former site in Newburn, after the retail and wholesale business went into administration in December last year.

FSA reveals sat fat plans

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has unveiled the first raft of its recommendations for reducing saturated fat and added sugar in bakery products, following its consultation last summer.

Greenfield to leave Jackson’s Bakery

Stephen Greenfield is to leave Jackson’s Bakery in April, having already handed over the role of MD to his successor James Watson, announced William Jackson Food Group.

The search is still on for BBC One bakery family

TV production company Wall to Wall is still on the look out for a baker and their family to take part in a new programme, labelled a “living history experience” for BBC One.

Mouthing off

"There are a lot of things that differentiate us from the other guys out there, and number one is definitely the marketing hook we're provocative. We're speaking to a certain audience or to a certain generation of people. But really, it's an American concept. We're talking about our First Amendment rights here"

Next issue 9 April

lBaking Industry Exhibition

19 July, 1940: War leads to messy cakes

It will be an offence, after 5 August, 1940, to place sugar on the exterior of any cake, biscuit, bun, pastry, scone, bread, roll or similar article, after baking. It will not be permitted to sell or to buy any confectionery of this kind. In an instruction to trade associations, the ministry has made it clear that the prohibition does not extend to the use on cakes of jam, jelly or lemon and other fruit curd. However, buttercream, marshmallow, chocolate, fondant and marzipan will not be permitted. This new order is not a good example of official administration. It will not be permissible to put a half-ounce of marshmallow on a cake, but it will be permissible to put as much lemon curd on a cake as its surface will take, because jam, lemon and other fruit curds are not affected by the order. All these goods make for messiness rather than neatness in decoration.

The tools of psychoanalysis

The apocalypse is not the be-all-and-end-all of what you can predict with a cake oh no. Sigmund Freud would be kicking himself for failing to realise that a cake is also a device to gauge whether a relationship will work or not.

Cataclysmic creations

If you thought the Cake Wrecks blog was the final word in disaster cakes, behold a revelation: a blog that catalogues cataclysms through the medium of cake.

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