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6-10 March 2010

Planning ahead

The Food and Drink Federation's Biscuit Cake, Chocolate and Confectionery Sector Group's annual conference, entitled 'Looking Forward to Sweet Success' will broaden the event's horizon beyond its former technical focus. The conference will focus on a wide range of issues that affect the food industry, including: the impact of the recession, issues surrounding waste and sustainability, and responding to customer pressure.

Food calendar

1-7 Feb: National Salt Awareness Weekwww.actiononsalt.org.uk

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EAT secures new chilled distribution

Sandwich retailer, EAT, which BB last August revealed had plans to double the number of outlets from 100 to 200 within three to five years, has revamped its chilled distributions to cope with worries over sudden failures in distribution of products to its stores.

The personal touch

While most people will be aware of the major bakery wholesalers such as Bako and BFP lesser known are the smaller regional suppliers that are making inroads into craft bakery. Walker Humphrey, which supplies esteemed retailers like Bettys of Harrogate and Cooplands of Doncaster, is a case in point.

Delivering the goods

The logistics of integrating two large firms, operating from different sites, can be a real nightmare.

Smoothing the sheets

What's the latest?

Oil fired up

Simply put, Daub makes ovens. The company pioneered thermal oil ovens which, according to research, save 30% on energy costs while producing quality end-products. At its Hamburg headquarters, which employs 85 people, the ovens are built before being exported to Britain and all over the world.

Family fortunes

McDonalds Bakers of Glasgow took a tentative step in a new direction during the 1990s and has never looked back. A traditional family baking business, with 10 conventional retail outlets, the company had made an abortive and almost business-ending attempt to diversify into wholesale during the previous decade. And since it was "getting harder and harder for traditional bakers' shops", according to its MD, the decision was taken to develop a coffee shop and takeaway offering.

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