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Alan Dunn's Christmas Cakes

Traditionals with a twist flapjacks by Fiona Burrell

Traditionally, flapjacks are made using butter, golden syrup, sugar and rolled oats. They are very simple to make and are delicious and popular as they are. However, they do lend themselves to various additions or variations. For example, dried fruits, which have a little sharpness to them, counterbalance the sweetness well; try dried apricots, dried apples, dried cherries or dried cranberries. Mashed bananas can also be added to the mix.

Serve & return: is poor customer service costing you money?

Over the last 15 years, I have worked with independent bakeries in several countries and, in doing so, have clearly identified what makes the difference between a good and a great bakery. Put simply, the really great ones understand and appreciate the need to invest in training their front-line staff to sell more product.

In my world

Jo Fairley is co-owner of Judges organic bakery and grocery shop in Hastings and co-founded and sold Green & Black's chocolate firm, with hubby Craig Sams

Lunch! Product round-up from the trade show

Handmade slices up market

Add sparkle to Christmas

Edible glimmering pigment powder from Cream Supplies is designed to add a bit of sparkle to your Christmas products.

Puratos extends Satin feel

Puratos has relaunched its Satin Cake Range with a number of new mixes. Joining its already popular Satin Crème Cake Range, the company has added muffin, farmhouse and moist-cake mixes.

Bako lists dried cranberries

The Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group (ITG) is to have its products listed in the Bako North Western portfolio.

Nordic brings Fibrex to UK

Denmark-based Nordic Sugar is promoting a moisture-retaining product to bakers of gluten-free products. The firm, which claims to be the world's only manufacturer of sugar beet fibre, says Fibrex a gluten-free dried sugar beet fibre has a unique ability to retain moisture in bakery products, contributing to longer-lasting softness and a pleasing mouthfeel.

Open Date looks to iQ for bakery

Open Date Equipment has launched a new thermal transfer printer the Thermocode iQ. The firm claimed it offers higher print quality, as well as a high level of sustainable performance.

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