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Bakery name: Kuchenmeister in Soest one of the largest mid-market bakeries in Germany and the market leader in ready-made cakes.

Meal-deal data

Bakery name: Firkins Bakery, a West Midlands bakery chain with 38 shops.

Phantom detection

Bakery name: The Just Love Food Company, a recently-established nut-free celebration cake bakery in Blackwood, Gwent.

Going with the grain

On a recent family trip to Milan, I was presented with a freshly baked Pastiera Napoletana from my wife's cousin. Wow! I couldn't wait to get back to Cinnamon Square and try making this one. So I nipped to the local Ipercoop supermarket and purchased some grano cotto (cooked wheat) and brought this back in my suitcase to save time when I got home naturally the kids think I'm bonkers!

Clean and clear

Risk assessments are required under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and, recently, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has been promoting a simple approach to the process to ensure that risk assessments are better understood by employees. This is supposed to result in the health and safety policy being better cascaded through businesses.

Detox treats

January is traditionally the time when the word diet is bandied around with all good intentions. As well as cutting back on indulgent treats, it's also a time when many people attempt to detox for example cutting out wheat from their diets.

Pop-ups pop in

British bakers are popping up in the most unexpected places: fashion stores, a hardware shop basement and even a Japanese department store. But their appearance can be fleeting part of the 'pop-up' phenomenon that helps a host store attract more customers by creating a buzz for a few days or weeks. For a bakery, it's the chance to test the waters in another location, or a way for a start-up cake-maker to discover if they've got what it takes.

Totting it up for tots

The pitter-patter of tiny feet is not everyone's cup of tea. A mother let's call her Jane Smith tells how her mums and toddlers group has boycotted their local branch of Starbucks in Hampshire after the manager was a little too honest.

Trade snapshot: Edible art

Georgi Gyton visits an unusual food-inspired event

Traditionals with a twist Bakewell Tart by Fiona Burrell

The origins of the Bakewell tart are disputed. A question mark hangs over whether it was originally a tart or a pudding and if it was a mistake by an inexperienced cook. Both Bakewell puddings and Bakewell tarts are sold in Bakewell, Derbyshire, and they are very similar. The pudding is made with a puff pastry base covered in jam, with an egg and almond topping, whereas the Bakewell tart has a shortcrust case, spread with jam and a frangipane style topping. The jam used is usually strawberry or raspberry but cherry or blackcurrant jam is also very good or you can use a sweetened fruit purée instead. Some recipes use almond essence, but this can have the effect of overpowering the other flavours and so is left out of the recipe below. If it is not the damson season, use damson jam instead.

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