3663 celebrates Christmas

Foodservice firm 3663 has unveiled a whole host of new Christmas lines including a number of bakery products. These include a Whites Feta and Pesto Tartlet, containing Greek feta cheese and pesto sauce with black olives and rosemary. Also new are Icefresh Orange Cream Enrobed Chocolate Profiterole Bites; Raspberry Trifle Cheesecake; Sidoli Cranberry Rocky Road brownie; and Greenhalgh's individually wrapped Christmas Fruit Cake Slices, stollen slices, and stollen log.

Choc full of taste

Muntons has launched Maltichoc a new ingredient designed to enhance chocolate baked goods, while reducing raw material costs.

Ideas from IBIE

Do the bake and vac and put the freshness backit's not often that a technology comes along that rewrites the rules of baking. Well, at least a technology that shouldn't get people's knickers in a twist for bastardising bread. So here it is: the world's first glimpse of vacuum baking, showcased by Centravac (majority-owned by Rheon). As discussed in British Baker's Plant Baking Supplement in July, baking under vacuum conditions which is the next step on from vacuum cooling reduces the boiling point of water and is much more energy-efficient.

Edible nut pricing

Almonds: Prices on almonds have continued to firm since the last report and this despite the Californian new crop being as big as it is. Although there remain some doubts as to whether the 1.65bn lb objective estimate could be correct, the response to this number, of weaker prices in July, was extremely short-lived and, from then on to date, prices have continued to rise.

Report Ethical and dark drive chocolates, finds Mintel

Dark and ethical chocolate products are gaining in popularity as total chocolate sales in the UK continue to rise despite the tough economy.

Reporting in Where's the passion?

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In Short

UB deal in doubt

In Short

In Short

Tesco steps up to bridge gap for Poppy Appeal

In a bid to rectify a shortfall in donations to the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal, due to its decision to delist more than 10 Hovis lines, Tesco has pledged to donate "tens of thousands" to the cause.

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