SAMB's free training is extended across the UK

The Scottish Association of Master Bakers (SAMB) is training bakers in places as far afield as Cornwall, London and Northern Ireland after being recognised by the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink Manufacturing as the main craft bakery training body.

Giles Foods completes first phase of expansion

Bread manufacturer Giles Foods has completed the first phase of a multi-million-pound expansion programme at its Pain Artisan bakery in Milton Keynes.

New spin for craft bakery's wheels

A West Sussex craft bakery is making the most of its delivery van by using it as a mobile shop to sell bread and cakes in nearby villages.

Gerrards develops in former Ecclestons sites

North Wales craft bakery chain Gerrards Confectioners has taken on six of Ecclestons Confectioners 10-strong estate, marking a significant investment for the firm.

Sayers quietly expands new bakery concept

North-west bakery chain Sayers the Bakers has bought a new bakery venture to the high street in the form of the Poundbakery.

Subway fights case for zero VAT on toasted subs

A group of Subway franchisees is fighting to have the VAT on toasted sandwiches zero-rated in a case that could have implications for retail bakers and coffee shops across the country.

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Speciality bread

Presumably Dan Lepard, BB's resident contributor and The Guardian's Weekend supplement bakery writer, had no part to play in this bread recipe that appeared in the latter. It unites baking and gardening in a stomach-churning first-time alliance not seen since the legendary mouse-in-bread loaf.

Calorie counter

God bless the Daily Mail, which pauses in its project of dividing the food chain into things that give you cancer and things that prevent cancer, to give you the tale of a bad food that's good for you specifically Mark Haub, who lost two stone in 10 weeks on a diet of cream cakes and sugary foods.

Gore cake of the week no.387

The Pepperpot Café in Dublin created this blood-spattered bride cake in just two hours for Lady Gaga, the singer with a penchant for wearing raw meat dresses, who performed recently in the city.

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