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HM Revenue & Customs is not a classic source of funnies, 'tis true. But the faintly absurd transcript of the tribunal ruling on whether Subway's toasted sarnies are zero-rated for VAT is a rare exception. This exercise in legalese is a rollicking read and would have you gripped right through to the cliffhanger, had we not blown the ending in our news this week. Here's an extract where solicitor Owain Thomas locks horns with Subway franchise owner Kay Mulligan, who argues that a toasted Meatball Marinara sub is not 'hot food'.


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Mike Woods, MD, The Just Love Food Company, Blackwood, Wales

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The great thing about bakery products is they speak for themselves. You cannot beat the golden glow of freshly made croissants or smiling gingerbread men, free of packaging.

Slippery SUBJECT

Here's an unusual development for you: supermarkets causing the baking industry headaches. This time it's over an issue that's as slippery and brain-busting as a block of shortening on a bakery floor: palm oil.

Changing from full-time to part-time

Q We have agreed that a full-time employee can change to part-time hours on a permanent basis. We will shortly be giving them a revised contract to reflect this. But when should we state that their employment started? Is it the date they go part-time or when they first began working for us?

Benefits of a PILON clause

Once an employee has accrued at least four weeks' continuous employment, they have the statutory right to a minimum notice period of one week. This increases by one week's notice for every year of service up to a maximum of 12 years for example, six years' service gives an entitlement to six weeks' notice.

Can an employee record a disciplinary hearing?

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