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QWhat is the legal temperature for frozen food?

Reclaiming VAT on fuel

Fuel costs represent a significant outlay for your business. But as there are many different ways of dealing with the VAT on motoring expenses, how can you be sure to get the most back with the least amount of admin?

l This letter was sent on 1 November to the Prime Minister - the NAMB is awaiting a reply.

Dear Mr Cameron

Are you ready for 20% VAT?

Lay your cards on the deck

For most bakers the thought of shelling out for a new oven is not a prospect that fills them with joy. But with the progression of oven technology in recent years, the long-term cost benefits could well make up for the initial outlay.

Testing times

The cost of malt is going up. Boo! But using malt will actually save you money. Yay! As paradoxes go and the baking industry has enough of them when you consider that supermarkets are driving down prices when they're becoming more expensive to make that's one of the more palatable ones.

Age concern

The late Gert Bidder was still working for Burbidge's Bakery in Andover at the ripe old age of 96.

Book review

Eric Lanlard Home Bake

Traditionals with a twist Angel food cake by Fiona Burrell

Angel Food Cake originated in the US as a way to use up egg whites when the yolks had been used for making pasta and noodles.

Through the eyes of your craft customers

Imagine your team coming in to work in the morning. They park behind the shop, open up the back door, fill the shelves, have a general clean-up and then unlock the door for business. They then return behind the counter and start serving. Is this good practice?

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