Festive fare

Delice de France has launched its Christmas range, which includes mincemeat pies, cakes and savoury snacks. On the savoury side there is a sage and onion pavé crusty loaf, festive savoury slice and pork and stuffing roll, while four varieties of mince pies also feature in the range: shallow mince pie, mini mincemeat pies, luxury shortcrust mincemeat crown and a Viennese mince pie.

Fresh flavours

From Rondo to Rademaker, Panettone to pizza, the AB Tech Expo show, which recently took place in Milan, was a showcase for equipment and some new flavour combinations.

Dried fruit pricing

Raisins: The Turkish crop has been down-sized consistently from the more optimistic views in June/July. Reports are that, of the total vine fruit crop in the country, raisins make up only 10-15,000mts. With no export programme likely from California, export prices are likely to match the high domestic levels.

Report LIFFE sees price of cocoa fall

The year-on-year price of cocoa is now in decline, according to the LIFFE futures data, recorded in British Baker's commodities table.

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In Short

In Short

In Short

Paul plans ambitious growth across London

French bakery group Paul plans to triple the number of stores it has in the UK, opening 50 new outlets in London by the end of 2014.

Cheese on the menu at Gail's new store

Over 80 artisan cheeses, including stilton, Camembert de Normandie and Montgomery's Cheddar, will be sold in a 'store within a store' at Gail's seventh bakery shop in London, which opens in Exmouth Market in December.

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