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An X-Box made into a toaster, which sold last week on Ebay for $265 (A)... aol.it/hN4ahO

Mickey Mouse magic

Kicking off the Unreal Cake Campaign for 2011 is Disney, which has developed a cake technology so clever that it will no doubt prompt your photo cake printer to wave the flag and commit digital suicide. Disney was recently awarded a patent for interactive cakes using small pico projectors. Or to give you the full mouthful: "Projector Systems and Methods For Producing Digitally Augmented, Interactive Cakes and Other Food Products".

A Turkish twist

This classic Turkish Pide is easy to produce and quick to bake. Sliced horizontally and filled with meats, salad or cheese, this soft-eating flatbread makes a great deli-style sandwich or an unusual addition to the bread basket. It also tastes delicious sliced and served with dips.

Say it with cake

Looking ahead to spring, although Easter will be flagged up as the main event in the bakery calendar, it's important not to overlook another potential sales opportunity Mother's Day. Falling on Sunday 3 April this year, Mother's Day is traditionally a gift occasion and a time when your products may not sell on taste alone. Thought needs to be given to the presentation and packaging of your goods for example, the addition of a gift box could turn a selection of your brownies into a present rather than an afternoon snack. Inviting window displays are also key to reminding consumers they needn't say it with flowers, or chocolates, but with biscuits and cakes instead.

Flow motion

This type of hiatus on the roads (see picture box-out, right) was repeated all over the country in the last two weeks of 2010, with delivery vehicles commonly delayed or incapacitated because of snow. Anything that delays food transport vehicles has a knock-on effect down the chain. Bakeries do not get the supplies they need; shops do not get the products they want; the public are left with gaps in their larders.

Classic combination

Why has nobody thought of it sooner? This is the first artisan bread and cheese emporium (at least that we know of), featuring a Paxton & Whitfield cheese concession.

Ones to watch

Twin-sumers", "Urbanomics", "Tweetonomics" if you've ever surveyed the reams of guff out there soothsaying the trends for the year ahead, then you will be forgiven for wishing painful death-by-cake-pop-stick-stabbing to the first marketing executive you come across. So it is in a spirit of great hypocrisy that we offer our own considered tips to look out for in 2011 (please don't hate us).

Put paid to the pests

Now is the time when rodents will try to make their way indoors to find warm homes during the cold snap. And where better than a nice cosy bakery your bakery?

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