Baby Sponge grows sales

Online cake company Sponge, has launched a Baby Sponge range, to join its portfolio of cake wedges, and retail seven-inch and 10-inch pre-sliced sponges. The new Baby Sponges are miniature versions of its traditional range, which is available from its website www.sponge.co.uk and in Selfridges stores in London, Manchester and Birmingham, as well as a number of delis, cafés and retail outlets across Norfolk, where the firm is based.

Turnover work

Unifine Food & Bake Ingredients has combined Pruvé's new turnover with its selection of more than 20 Delifruit prepared fruit fillings and with whipped cream to round out its turnover range. Unifine F&BI is the sole UK distributor for Pruvé, part of Dutch-owned Smilde Bakery.

Food in the news

The GM debate reared its head in The Telegraph around calls to rebrand GM. "We need a new language. Perhaps vaccination or inoculation is less scary for the public," said Bill Clark, who runs Broom's Barn Research Centre, part of agricultural research centre Rothamsted Research. He argued that changing the public perception of GM was essential if the poor wheat yields in Britain and Europe were to be overcome. "Wheat yields have plateaued over the last 15 years," he said. Peter Melchett, policy director at the Soil Association, branded the comments "desperate rubbish".

Report: Coconut prices see record highs

Coconut prices have hit record levels, with fears that there are further increases to come. Medium and fine desiccated coconut is now selling for up to £2,000/tonne against a historical average of £1,000/tonne. Prices have increased beyond levels thought possible, said Mark Setterfield at ingredients firm RM Curtis, prompting companies such as Lees Foods to warn of a possible future impact on its business (see news, page 11).

Reporting in What will 2011 bring?

Ian Storey

Lees Foods hit by rise in coconut prices

Lees Foods, the maker of Snowballs and Snowmallows, has warned that the rising price of coconut could hit its business.

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Craft bakers welcome unwrapped bread ruling

The Government's decision to scrap the regulation that prescribes the size of unwrapped loaves has been welcomed by craft bakers across the country.

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