Genius makes Spanish debut

Genius has announced that its white and brown gluten-free loaves will be on the supermarket shelves of retail chain Carrefour, in Spain, from the end of March.

Gluten-free firms make inroads into foodservice

Gluten-free bakery manufacturers are tipping foodservice as the next big market for their products as consumers search out restaurants, cafés and hotels that offer 'free from' menu options.

Independents prove popular

Nearly 70% of independent retailers are doing well. And, within that 70% figure, independent bakers are among the most popular on the high street, according to a new report from the Local Data Company.

SSP breathes life into Panopolis

Foodservice company SSP has revived its Panopolis sandwich shop concept after securing a deal to operate five cafés and restaurants at London City Airport.

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lCelebration cakes

Caught in the Web

How advertising images of burgers compare to their real-life counterparts... bit.ly/icxizf

Mouthing off

"Someone on the Barclays equity floor is stealing the tops off muffins in the trader café. Someone noticed the muffins this morning and mentioned it to the woman working the register. She is apparently frustrated by it as well, because she doesn't know how she doesn't see it happening since they are right in her line of sight"

Indie coffee shops go indie

First Starbucks launched its own 'elevator music' record label, now South Wales' indie coffee shops are set to get a lift themselves, through a cross-promotion with Cardiff-based indie band Paper Aeroplanes. The folk group will give away an exclusive four-track CD for free with food at 12 independent cafés. In turn, the coffee shops feature on the CD cover and receive promotion at gigs and through social networks. Lead singer Sarah Howells told The Guardian: "Tracks from our debut album got added to the Costa Coffee playlist. But our music and ethos are far more geared to those smaller, unique hidden gems."

Size matters in the subs world

Fans of spurious corporate litigation that we are, Stop the Week was as pleased as ever to see Subway up to its old tricks. The sandwich chain, has been wrangling its way through the UK courts, trying to prove that its toasted subs are VAT-exempt, and in so doing, posing the most profound philosophical, 'when is a toasted sandwich not a toasted sandwich?'. This time, it is going to be getting its subs out in court after trying to trademark "footlong" for its 12-inch subs.

Workers turn noses up at office sandwiches

To our desk-bound readers: have you noticed that those blue-sky brainstorming meetings have subdued to a sombre grey of late? Is your new product development drizzling rather than sparkling? Losing clients left, right and centre? It could be something to do with your limp, pappy office sarnies.

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