EPOS kit is in the clouds

Doncaster-based firm AlfaRichi has launched a new EPOS system for bakeries, which it believes it is the first to use 'cloud computing' for the back office. This avoids the risk of losing service or data, as the new system replicates this information on multiple secure servers.

Big plans for big days

By Max Jenvey of Oxxygen Marketing Partnership, a strategic business accelerator specialising in bakery, foodservice and convenience retail

Wraps ready at Wild Bean

Customers at BP's Wild Bean Café will now be able to opt for a Hot Pizza Wrap, launched this month in four varieties. Pepperoni features spicy tomato pizza sauce with sliced pepperoni, diced white onion and mozzarella cheese. BBQ Chicken has BBQ sauce, pieces of BBQ marinated chicken breast, diced white onion, sweetcorn, green pepper and mozzarella. Ham and Pineapple offers spicy tomato pizza sauce, chunks of smoked ham and pineapple. Veg Deluxe includes spicy tomato pizza sauce, red and green peppers, roasted portobellini mushrooms, sweetcorn, diced white onion and mozzarella. The wraps are heated in the café's on-site ovens, with 'hot hold' packaging designed to make the product easy to eat on the go.

Pukka takes pies further

Pukka Pies is to launch its range of microwaveable pies into the foodservice and wholesale sectors. The pies can be microwaved from frozen in three-and-a-half minutes the result of extensive development and test-marketing by the firm, which includes a new shortcrust pastry recipe designed specifically for the microwave.

Greggs adds to meal deals

Greggs said it had received lots of customer requests for more sandwiches to be included in its Meal Deal offer, so has extended its range. Consumers can now purchase selected sandwiches with any crisps and any cold drink for £2.99.

Bridor brings colour

Bridor unveiled a range of multi-coloured breads at the Sirha exhibition last month. Developed by Lenôtre, the Arc en Ciel range its rainbow line features six different breads, targeted predominantly at the hospitality and foodservice industries for use in canapés and snacks, or simply for sandwiches. The range consists of: Nori described as savoury with a tangy taste reminiscent of the sea; Curry; Mint and Garlic; Sun-dried Tomato; and Pickled Lemon with Thyme varieties. The launch was even highlighted in the Sirha show guide in its list of top innovations the only bakery product featured. The firm said the aim of the range is to encourage the idea of using bread as an ingredient, not just alongside a meal, but as part of it. The Arc en Ciel breads, made with natural flavours and colourings, will be available in 35g and 80g varieties from 1 February.

Next stop Paris?

Winning the World Cup is probably the most prestigious accolade a nation could achieve well, in the field of bakery that is. And it is why, for the past 10 months, the UK team Mickael Jahan, Wayne Caddy and Steven Salt has been eating, sleeping and breathing this competition.

Edible nuts

Almonds: Demand for almonds has remained strong over the past two months, with December sales from California up 10% on the previous year. Almond pricing is still cheap compared to other nuts, and demand is predicted to stay strong going forward.

Reporting in Policy set for 2011

Alan Clarke

Northern awaits Boparan bid details

Northern Foods' shareholders are waiting for details of a cash bid from poultry magnate Ranjit Boparan, which values the company at £342m.

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