Bakeries under pressure to eliminate palm oil

Bakery manufacturers are under growing pressure from the supermarkets to completely remove palm oil from products and not just switch to sustainable sources.

Blog of the week: The Art of the Cookie

If cupcakes marked a sea-change towards highly customisable bakery treats, the phenomenon is set to continue, with decorated biscuits offering an outlet for madly creative bakers. The Art of the Cookie rounds up the best, from Scooby Doo to Star Wars cookies.

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Doughnuts taken to the extreme...

Mouthing off

"You really couldn't make this up the Royal baker banning the Union Jack. It's a symbol of national pride. Everyone is flying the flag and putting up Union Jack bunting for Friday. There's a feel-good factor everywhere. But what happens in Scotland? It gets linked to the whole Rangers-Celtic sectarian madness"

A right Royal round-up

Given that world news was dominated by one story over the last two weeks (it's Journalist Union rules to go over the top with a Royal wedding), we're holding ranks with our brethren in the press by rounding up the best Wills and Kate stories. (Ok, so there were two major stories of late, but finding a bakery angle on the death of Osama bin Laden is going to prove a long waiting game.)

My Career Trevor Maplethorpe, Sales Director, William Jackson Bakery

What's your job and what are your day-to-day responsibilities?

Sticky situation

Bakery products account for up to 20% of average daily intake of the chemical NaC1 or salt, to use its street name.

Ethical clothing

When it comes to packaging, comparisons to the catwalk may seem a little extreme, but it is in fact the "clothing of a brand", says Kevin Curran of Tri-Star.

Fresh soft drinks for summer

Summer is just around the corner and, given the unseasonably warm spring, this is the best time for food-to-go operators to focus on chilled and soft drinks ranges. So what do consumers want, what formats work best and what products need to be in a bakery retailer's range?

Are you missing out?

You could say that food to go has "gone viral" in the UK, were it not for the negative food safety connotations of that expression.

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