Some interesting legal cases

Dismissal: when does notice start to run?

Dress code: how far can you go?

A leading law firm recently directed 105 female trainee solicitors to "dress far more appropriately" and "brush their hair". It seems this was justified, but exactly how far can you go when telling your employees how they should look?

Duties discharged

If you delve into some of the more specialised content on YouTube, the vexed question of "how do they get the filling into garlic bread?" will be resolved.

Tackling the number of tribunal cases

The government's consultation on changes to the tribunal service, with a view to reducing the number of cases, has now closed. A survey by legal firm Eversheds on the proposed government reforms found that:

Guidance on the Agency Workers Regulations

The controversial Agency Workers Regulations 2010 will finally come into force on 1 October 2011. To help you prepare, the government's official guidance has just been released. So what does it include?

Opportunist theft: who covers the losses?

An opportunist thief has stolen an employee's bag from your workplace; it contained their railcard, mobile phone, house keys and £100 in cash. You are as upset about it as they are, but can they claim on your insurance?

Watching for fraud

Difficult economic times can provide additional motivation to dishonest employees to commit fraud against their employer. What can you do to reduce the risk of fraud in your business?


Watching for fraud P2

Dear Member

Our annual conference takes weeks of organising, so it is always good to hear members go away saying the best ever! The AGM covered a possible change of name for the NAMB and you will soon receive a letter asking for your thoughts it is your association and your views count.

Firms face paying for eye tests

Businesses facing the prospect of thousands of pounds in eyesight test charges for staff should consider offsetting occupational health costs with cash plan provision. That is the view of employee healthcare and risk management specialist PMI Health Group in the wake of an EU directive making regular eye tests mandatory for employees who drive while on company business.

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