Bake up a ray of Sunshine

This fibre-rich loaf is packed with freshly pulped organic oranges, zingy cranberries and toasted nutty sunflower seed. It was not an easy recipe to create and took quite a few months of hard work to perfect the correct flavours, texture and appearance, but the end result demonstrated that the UK team shone in the creativity department.

No contact? No contest

Smartphones: the 21st century idle fidgeter's time destroyer of choice. Whether you spend your free minutes tracking commodity prices or, more likely, playing Angry Birds, soon there will be another opportunity to flash your widget and wave it about in public. And this time, it's all about saving time rather than wasting it.

Pastry power

Ginsters' recent TV advertising campaign for its savouries featured the 'Man Plea' a man clutching a Ginsters' pasty and begging his "sweetheart" to serve it for dinner. His argument was that the product is made with prime ingredients, including "vegetables", and that he should no longer have to keep his out-of-home pasty habit a dirty little secret.

Functional skills

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI), established in 2002, is part of the Limagrain Group, an international farmer-owned co-operative based in France's Auvergne region. It provides functional solutions around 100 different products for five different markets: bakery, snacks, convenience foods, breakfast cereals and bioplastics. For bakery, it produces functional flours, enzymes, improvers, pre-mixes and fibres, under its Dafa, Sofalia and Westhove brands.

Creative collaboration

Never has there been such a challenging time for businesses in the bakery manufacturing sector. The landscape has been transformed significantly over the past decade or more by a whole range of interconnected factors: global economic trends, particularly energy and transportation costs; the growth of giant supermarkets, but also of bespoke farmers' markets; increasingly complex supply chains for food businesses, caterers and manufacturers; and, of course, the rise of the Fairtrade market and other changing food habits of the British public. More recently the credit crunch, and the recession that followed, have added further pressures on businesses.

A modern take on baking Red Velvet Bites by Lily Vanilli

This summer Britain has a beautiful rich strawberry crop and right now is the best time to eat them. These little cakes can be made in any size, either bite-sized as in this recipe or larger like a cupcake turned inside-out. The strawberry perfectly complements the rich cocoa, red velvet and cream cheese, so encourage your customers to eat them in one bite to enjoy the flavours all together. This recipe is perfect for picnics or as canapés.

Trade snapshot

"If you take away one idea from a demo, it pays for the trip," patissier John Slattery told delegates at the NAMB conference last weekend. The stand-out gold nugget was if not the incredible margins that can be made from making confectionery versions of fast foods how to make a little go a long way.

Business start-ups: Ms Cupcake

So do you want to be a baker or run a business? No matter how much you love baking, Ms Cupcake's Melissa Morgan says you have to let go of the piping bag.

In my world

Umer Ashraf is a young entrepreneur who owns the Glasgow-based iCafé chain of shops, as well as smoothie and juice bar Paradise Bay in Oban, Scotland

Eminate tests blade-coating in bakeries

Food and pharmacuetical solutions company Eminate, has developed Endurocut, a food-safe, kosher certified, premium blade-coating technology that claims to extend the life of cutting blades by as much as 10 times.

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