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Fox's plants to stay

Caught in the Web

Something to look forward to once a month: pre-menstrual chocolates... bit.ly/rfJZKL

Mouthing off

"Throughout the course of the process Helen showed to her current employer, who kindly gave her 12 weeks off to come into this process, that he or she is going to have to be a bit of a mug not to actually promote her or give her some bigger position now they've seen what she's capable of doing"

Bathe-day cupcakes

With judging on British Baker's National Cupcake Championships under way, along comes a cupcake-maker with a product that has a distinctly synthetic aftertaste and a disclaimer that "the product is not edible". The Bath Cakery is not a cakery in Bath, but rather one with a strapline, 'Have your cake and bathe in it!' Yes, for cupcake fans it's a cake to rub on one's body in the privacy of the bathroom, without a nagging sense of guilt.

Next issue: 12 August

l High-fibre, low-Gi and seeded breads

Here's to the perfect toast

Carrying out far more worthwhile scientific research is Dr Dom Lane, a consultant food researcher, who has been working on behalf of bread brand Vogel's to nail down the method of making perfect toast.

Heaping contradiction upon contradiction

The government is being urged to move away from the 'nudge' approach of encouraging the population to change their eating habits (see News), to the traditional 'kick up the backside' of days of yore i.e. regulation and wrist-slapping.

Criminal checks

Employers and voluntary organisations, many of whom will access the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) information for the first time, will be able to take it into account when judging a person's suitability for a post. This service will strengthen safeguards for protecting children and vulnerable adults by providing employers with much wider access to criminal records information. But remember that you must get the employee's permission first.

Written harassment

Verbal bullying can be caught by harassment laws. But suppose employees do it in writing? What is the Court of Appeal's view on this type of behaviour?

Occupational health advisors

There are many ways an occupational health advisor can assist your business, such as helping you reduce short-term sickness absence levels. But what else can they do and how much might their services cost?

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