Taking care of lone workers

All employers should comply with their legal duties towards lone workers under:


QOne of our employees is responsible for placing all our stationery orders. The supplier we use regularly runs competitions and, this month, our employee has been selected as its winner; the prize is a digital camera. This has caused bad feeling among other staff and a few have proposed that it is raffled off for a local charity. We don't have a problem with this, but the winner is refusing to hand it over; he claims the camera is legally his. So does it belong to us (as it was our order) or our employee (because he was the contact name when it was placed)?

Fixed-term contracts: how long should they last?

The advantages

Stop demonising bread and cakes

A very big thank you to all those who sent messages of goodwill, as I step aside from the role of editor today.

Out with the old

D ividing and moulding by hand is no longer always realistic, when high volumes and consistent output are an economic necessity.

Calling all young bakers

The search is back on for the UK's top young talent.

Prepare for paternity leave requests

Over the next few months, employers will start receiving requests for additional paternity leave. Should you get one, you have the right to demand proof of eligibility. But what information can an employee be asked to produce?

Young pretender

There are probably not too many 18-year-olds whom you could have a lively conversation with about the challenges of inventing a porridge/Genoese mix Scottish breakfast cake, decorated with a blue and white fondant Scottish flag. No wonder that the inventor of that particular regional delicacy, Kyle Hendry, made an impression on judges of the Trainee Baker of the Year Award at the Baking Industry Awards last year.

Breakfast filling for Bara line

Ginsters is building on its Cornish Bara range with the introduction of the All Day Breakfast Bara.

Walkers adds fiery Sensations

Walkers' Sensations range of crisps has undergone a packaging redesign, with a new flavour also added to its portfolio.

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