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Brits' love affair with pies still going strong

Research from Mintel suggests there are some indulgences the British public is not willing to give up, even during an economic downturn, namely pies and pasties. Mintel's 2010 Life of Pie report showed that over 84% of people had eaten a pie in the previous 12 months, providing strong optimism for future sales and growth.

Hot food by numbers

n Data from research company him!, based on interviews with consumers leaving outlets, show that hot food shoppers have a low visit frequency, but buy more products and spend more each trip.

Christmas on the run

With customers having to work right up to Christmas there are huge opportunities for bakers and retailers to provide full-size or miniature 'to-go' products for the busy consumer who either does not have time to make their own or wants an impulsive treat.

Hot off the press

Hot sandwiches and savouries are an important part of the food-to-go market. But with a limited shelf-life and the crucial factor of temperature, getting the packaging right is vital.

In-store Bakery of the Year


Wincheap, Canterbury

The Innovation Award

Bachmanns Chocolate Christmas Pudding

BachmannsThames Ditton, Surrey

The Customer Focus Award

Monty's Bakehouse

Godstone, Surrey

Confectioner of the Year

Ruth Hinks

DirectorCocoa Black, Peebles (Edinburgh)

The Craft Business Award


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