Welsh bakery goes to MBI

The management team of Berwyn Bakery has formed a new company, The Cake Crew, to purchase the assets of the bakery, saving around 70 jobs, after it was placed into administration earlier this month.

Scottish firm rebrands as Poundbakehouse

Kelso-based J L Bakery is fighting against the effects of the recession with a rebrand of its retail estate. So far, three of its eight shops Galashiels, Jedburgh and Innerleithen have been rebranded as Poundbakehouse as the firm looks to counteract the 35% drop in sales it has suffered over the past three years.

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Bakers' Fair nears

Case Study

Employees do not need a year's service in order to bring an unfair dismissal claim if they reasonably believe even if wrongly that they are in serious and imminent danger and, as a result, take reasonable steps to prevent harm to themselves and others.

Case Study

Here is a reminder to act reasonably in health dismissals.

where do you stand?

From day one of employment, all employees have the statutory right to take dependant's leave, providing, of course, that they inform you of their requirement as soon as is reasonably practicable. Its purpose is so they can deal with unexpected emergency situations involving: a spouse; a partner; a child; a parent; a person who lives with them as part of their family; or a person who reasonably relies on them for assistance. Dependants do not include tenants or lodgers living in their family home.

Won't do the job

Sometimes an employee may fail to carry out additional tasks they have been given. This may take the form of an outright verbal refusal or behaviour that quickly stacks up to be task avoidance. So if you are ever faced with this type of situation, how should you deal with it? Will it come under your capability procedure, or is it a misconduct issue?

Dealing with the fall-out from the riots

The nationwide riots that erupted in August took everyone except, of course, those who planned them by surprise. They forced thousands of businesses across the country to shut and, due to the losses and damage sustained, many were unable to re-open for a significant period. Sadly, some remain closed or will be unlikely to trade again, mainly as a result of fire damage.

The National Minimum Wage rates will rise again on 1st October 2011

£6.08 per hour aged 21+

National Insurance numbers - the end of the plastic card

Be aware that, when checking the details of a new employee, many more will now provide you with a letter showing their NI number, rather than a plastic card, as these are being gradually phased out in a move that is expected to save up to £1m each year.

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