ISA takes Action on display

New from ISA (UK) are the ISA Action and ISA Music impulse/island cabinets for frozen and chilled products. These are the latest additions to the ISA One range.

Puratos adds natural vanilla to Belcolade

Belcolade, the real Belgian chocolate supplied by Puratos, now includes natural vanilla in all of its recipes.

Jordans capitalises on trend

Jordans Cereals is expanding its range of cereal bars with the new Nut & Seed Bar. The company says the launch is a result of increased popularity amongst consumers of nuts

Country Choice extends thaw-and-sell line

Country Choice has added several new products to its thaw-and-sell ranges as well as a Bake & Bite branded sandwich wedge pack.

Foster claims an upper hand

As preferred bakery specialists of Foster products in the UK, Brook Food Processing Equipment (Minehead, Somerset) says it has been impressed with the advance in technology that these have brought to its specialised market within the last few years.

Double D boosts Gadsby’s

Gadsby’s Bakery in Mill Park, Southwell, is benefiting from the installation of a Humidair Retarder Prover from Double D Food Engineering (Broxburn, West Lothian), which it says has smoothed out “the peaks and troughs” in its production. “The Humidair Retarder Prover has been a tremendous boost for us,” says master baker Terry Gadsby. “By loading the unit the day before and setting the micro-processor controller accurately, we know that we’ll have 15 racks of product ready for firing exactly when we want the next day.”

Improvement in air delivery

Eurobake (Bolton, Lancs) has devised a new design of retarder-prover, incorporating an innovative evaporator, which it claims gives greater energy and production efficiency and provides bakers with improved dough conservation control and proving.

Controlling interest

Bakers have embraced retarder-provers in recent years as the concept has developed dramatically, both in technology and the consistency of results.
Shirley and Graham Ryder at the Manchester shop. Shirley says increased membership is vital to the NA
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A woman's touch

A straight-talking Mancunian has just taken over as national president of the
Tony Phillips is past president of the NAMB and is (allegedly) retired from running Janes Pantry with 10 shops in Gloucestershire
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A simple country baker

Flicking through some back issues of British Baker recently, I came across a point made by the editor Sylvia Macdonald. She argued in February that the Government pays little heed to comments made by trade associations with memberships of less than three thousand.

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